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My name is Dr. Charles Awuzie, co-founder of Transhuman Coin and a Member of Forbes Business Council. Last year I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases which were genetically inherited from my parents. My condition was life threatening but could have been detected/understood earlier if there was a ledger which stored genetic data on the blockchain. We at the Transhuman Coin have partnered with the South African Medical Research Council and Itheum to develop and maintain a blockchain ledger which stores genetic and health data for the purpose of research. The uniqueness of our project is that owners of the data will receive incentives each time their data is used for the purpose of research. This will provide some economic relief to the owners of the data who are predominantly from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Here is a YOUTUBE evidence of one of our engagements with the South African Medical Research Council and itheum on the project.

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A decentralised database to store genetic and health data on the blockchain for the purpose of research on genetic diseases while financially rewarding contributors of the data in Cryptocurrency.

Proposal Description

The South African Medical Research Center has committed to use genetic and health data from our community in carrying out research through their network of extramural research units.. This demonstrates the relevance of genetic and health data in the scientific research community. It is also important to note that storing genetic data on the blockchain will increase reliability, availability and scalability of genetic data while ensuring transparency in how genetic data is used and thus empowering the real owners of the data economically through incentives.

Our project will also benefit the ioTex ecosystem who could earn rewards for contributing to medical research.
Transhuman Coin currently has over 14,000 holders and 16,000 community members who are looking forward to this next phase of our project which will enable them to contribute to medical research and earn from their contribution.
We have a 12 member Scientific Advisory Board led by Google Award Winning Brain-Computer-Interface expert - Ass. Professor Avinash Singh from University of Technology, Sydey, Australia - University of Technology Sydney
Also on our Scientific Advisory Board is Dr. Jose Cordeiro - MIT trained engineer -
Our highly qualified team members are doxxed in our WHITEPAPER
Our token is currently deployed on the Binance Smart Chain.

We have partnered with a manufacturer in China to supply smart devices which are currently available on our E-shop and can be purchased using Transhuman Coin. Please click on the images to see details of each device.
These devices generate health data which we hope to sync with iotex and itheum.

photo_2022-08-03 19.01.14

photo_2022-08-03 19.01.39

photo_2022-08-03 19.01.41

Our devices easily connect with Samsung health, Apple health, Fitbit app, Google Fit and our goal is to sync data with the blockchain via ioTex.

Skill Requirement:
We will be glad to have members of ioTex/MachineFi development team collaborate with our dev team on this project.


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  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 16 WEEKS
      Hire blockchain developers

Start Building on ioTex

Milestone 1.i
Transhuman Coin launch on ioTex
integrate devices with itheum’s and ioTex Blockchain by machineFi SDK while Transhuman Coin is used as the reward token.

  • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:
    Deployment - 12 weeks

Marketing - (continuos marketing)
Reach 20,000 holders on iotex.
Connect first 5,000 wearables to the blockchain on iotex
Collate genetic data of first 5,000 users on iotex
Enable connected users to share data with SAMRC and start earning $THC as reward token.


Reach 3,000 Transhuman devices running on iotex
Funds Requested: 5,000 USD

Total funds requested

25,000 USD

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  • We commit to donate 0.1% of TRANSHUMAN COIN to the IoTeX Foundation: **[ YES | **

About your Team

  1. Dr. Charles Awuzie - Co-founder/CEO -
    Member, Forbes Business Council - Charles Awuzie | CEO & CTO - Gemsbok Group & Transhuman Coin | Forbes Business Council
    Linkedin: Dr. Charles Awuzie - Transhuman Coin | LinkedIn

  2. Peter Xing - Co-founder/Dev team
    Head of Innovations, KPMG Australia.
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-xing

  3. Dr. Singh Avinash - Chairperson, Transhuman Coin Scientific Advisory Board
    Linkedin: Avinash Singh - University of Technology Sydney | LinkedIn

  4. Dr. Jose Cordeiro - Scientific Advisor, Transhuman Coin
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josecordeiro
    Wikipedia: José Luis Cordeiro - Wikipedia


Telegram Community: Over 16,000 active members
Instagram: Over 43,000 followers
Twitter: Over 10,000 followers
Facebook: Over 4000 likes
Holders: Over 14,000 holders of THC
Founder of Transhuman Coin is a Crypto and Sci-Tech influencer with over 103,000 followers on his verified facebook page.
SAMRC Partnership
itheum partnership
We own one of Africa’s fastest growing crypto P2P Exchanges and we shall list IOTEX on our P2P exchange.
We will bring our community and partnerships to the ioTex community and make ioTex impactful especially in the African blockchain industry.



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A Longevity project coming from those who’re actually in the Longevity field!
Fantastic! Dr Awuzie, Dr Singh, Dr Cordeiro and Mr Xing are all standouts in their respective fields and in the Transhumanist community.

For those unaware everything invented was imaged and created by a transhumanist!
Innovation is the key to success. Transhumanists live to innovate.
Therefore Transhumanism is the key to success as a species and If you’re reading this you’re a transhumanist too!
Transhumanists are people who do not accept the world as it is, but the world as it could be! Shaping the world and ourselves as we see fit.
Wear glasses? You’re a transhumanist.
Use the internet? You’re a transhumanist.
Wear pants? You’re a transhumanist too!


We appreciate it.

You can watch our 1st year anniversary here - https://youtu.be/UWBf-zn2XCo


Thanks for submitting the IoTex halo grant application, we are reviewing it


We live in the age of technology and information. Great connectivity is what allows us to rapidly advance better solutions to the problems facing humanity. The idea of ​​putting information on a network as democratic and transparent as the blockchain is amazing and I think it will drive progress, allowing scientists around the world to have access to data that would take years to collect if they did it on their own. The traceability and rapid access that the blockchain allows is the solution to many of the problems that scientists face.

Great idea!


What a robust partnership will this bring to iotex and transhumancoin, the transhumancoin Scientific Advisory Board is full of hardworking members and I can sincerely say, it’s a win-win for the both parties (iotex & transhumancoin).

Let’s do this iotex :tada:


This is needed ! Scientific research database will go a long way in helping developing nations make super decisions in their quest for scientific advancement