Autobahn - Order SIM cards for Pebble Tracker

Hello Pebblers!

We are excited to launch the beta version of Autobahn, a web portal where you can purchase cellular-IoT SIM cards for your Pebble Tracker. We invite you to submit your orders by following the steps below!

:warning: NOTE: Autobahn currently offers SIM cards from 1NCE, which covers 100+ countries. Please ensure your country is supported by 1NCE before purchasing.

If your country is NOT yet supported by 1NCE, please see this thread where we provide additional options.



We are providing discounted SIM cards for Pebble Tracker owners – thanks to our partners 1NCE for your support!

The cost for a SIM card is 12 USDT, plus 10-20 USDT for the shipment (depending on the destination country). Currently, the portal only supports payment in USDT on the IoTeX Network: you can buy USDT on mimo by exchanging IOTX or other XRC20 tokens for USDT.


Each SIM card comes with 500MB of bandwidth. With the default settings on Pebble Tracker (capture data every 5 minutes, 24/7) this amount of bandwidth will last ~6 months. In the future, we will add the option to add more bandwidth to your SIM card directly via Autobahn.

Step 1: Open Autobahn and Connect MetaMask

Unlock your Metamask account, go to and click the “Sign in” button to login with your Metamask.

Step 2: Check if your region is covered

Switch to the “Buy Sim” page, and check if your country or region is covered by the SIM card provider.

:bulb: Please notice: Even if your country is not covered yet, it could still be added in the future. Meanwhile, you can test different SIM card providers to check if you find one that works in your country: please check the docs to review SIM card specifications, and take a look at this community thread where other users report their experiences with other SIM providers in their countries.

Step 3: Input your shipping address

Click the plus button in the “My Shipping Address” box:

Step 4: Submit your order

  • From the dropdown menu, select the type of SIM card based on your country (pick “China+” if you plan to use it in China, otherwise pick “FlexSIM” for all other countries):

  • Input the amount of SIM cards you need
  • Click the Buy now button:

  • Follow the 6 steps as displayed in the images below (find the IMEI number for your devices on the box label):

Step 5: Monitor your order

Once your order is completed, you can monitor it at the top, on the same page. If available, you can use the tracking link to monitor your shipment:


For any questions or feedback, please reach out to an Admin on our Dev Discord or contact [email protected]


I am from Mexico, i received my 1NCE Sim Card, but i can not check MB available (…loading MB)

I clicked Topup botton, i firmed a contract (I paid 12ioUSD) and i have this error:

ICCIDs [*************5] does not belong to current user 5********2

Hi, when you buy a SIM card on you already get a dataplan with 500Mb included.
You only need to top up when you are running out of data (you will soon be able to check the remaining volume of data for your SIM card soon). In general, with default settings of Pebble (1 data message every 5 minutes 24/7) 500Mb will last around 5-6 months.

When you buy a new data plan with the Top up feature, you must login with the same Metamask account you used to buy your SIM card (you should see your SIM card listed in the “My SIM Cards” section). However, as said above, you don’t need to top up if you just bought your SIM card: simply put it in your Pebble and follow the quick start guide at


Not showing Simcard status

Looks like this is fake site?

Means it won’t work?

Hi there,
I live in Germany. Why do I have to pay 45 USD for a sim card that is from 1nce, which is based in Germany.

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@enyaps won’t work. Either NB-IoT or LTE-M should be checked


@BueroHengzt The main problem for us was that SIM card providers do not sell to private customers directly, they only sell to businesses. For this reason, we had to buy a big batch of SIM cards, build a portal to sell and manage these SIM cards for Pebble users, and manage the shipment of every single card worldwide.

Since we are not an e-commerce, we cannot rely on convenient shipping fares, and we cannot manage every single shipping cost for every country in the world so we had to average the costs for everybody.

The cost of the SIM card including 500Mb is 12 USD, while the shipment is 30 USD. If you live in one of the 3 countries from where we ship the sim cards, then it’s a national shipment and is charged 10 USD.

I received my SIM card last week. This was sent from Italy to Germany! Sending a SIM card from Italy to Germany never costs 30 USD in life. I feel a little betrayed

Hi Team.
I purchased a SIM from autobahn on 29/04 and my order still says processing. Can you please verify you have received my order please?

I placed an order 03 May and have the same “Processing” status and no tracking link available. No contact info on the site, no confirmation email or anything like that. Saying “we are not an e-commerce” certainly doesn’t instill confidence.

yep my order is still ‘processing’ Its been 12 days since my order and not a word said from any community staff about what is happening. Not very happy or confident in this process at the moment. Plus it cost me the equivalent of approx $70 AUD which is highway robbery but was happy to make the investment.

Hi Team.
I purchased a SIM from autobahn on 29/04 and my order still says processing. Can you please verify you have received my order or return my USDT if the order is not received ?

Still no response from IoTeX regarding my SIM order. 16 days now and order hasn’t been processed or shipped. Extremely poor service.

Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of purchasing a SIM via the IoTeX portal . Your order will not be processed, your USDT will be stolen, no one from IoTeX staff will respond, reply, help, assist on this community forum, Telegram, Discord or Twitter.

As such I have liquidated my entire IoTex holdings and destroyed my pebble tracker. This is not a project for serious investors and will fail with this type of behaviour.

Keep my USDT you thieves. For $41.9 its not worth the hassle.

I’m in the same position as @TDoggy71 but I don’t plan on going scorched-earth like you, homie. At least not yet, haha. An update or a few words of encouragement from @zimne or anyone else would go a long way… Until then, the only updates will be coming from @TDoggy71 and me.

Yep still no one has reached out to me after my drastic action. They obviously don’t care for investors. Order still processing and no refund on my 41.9 USDT offered or provided. That’s 31 days now since I placed my order.

@TDoggy71 I’m sorry for the delay, I see from your screenshot that your order no. is 162. From the website orders list, order no. 162 does not have any information regarding the shipping address:

I’ve asked the developer to take a look and see if there was a problem with the order. Meanwhile, you can send me the shipping info to [email protected] (Full Name, Country, City, Zip Code, address, email address and phone number for the courieer).

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