[Community Vote] Extend "Foundation Bonus" Staking Rewards

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This proposal on Foundation Bonus Rewards Extension and will be discussed/voted on by the IoTeX community. For more context on IoTeX governance, see our latest blog post and Snapshot overview.


Since IoTeX Mainnet Alpha was launched in April 2019, Delegates received rewards for running nodes to participate in consensus and secure the IoTeX Network. These rewards consist of three segments:

  • Block Rewards: 8 IOTX per block mined (1 block every 5 seconds) for Top 36 Delegates
  • Epoch Rewards: 18,750 IOTX per epoch split by Top 100 Delegates based on % of total votes
  • Foundation Bonus: 80 IOTX per epoch for all Top 36 Delegates

While block rewards and epoch rewards are delivered by the iotex-core protocol, the Foundation Bonus rewards are sent directly by the IoTeX Foundation. The Foundation Bonus was originally intended to last from April 2019 - May 2020, and was extended (based on community vote) from May 2020 - June 2021. As of June 2021, the Foundation Bonus rewards have expired. For more details on the IoTeX Delegates program, see our official handbook.


This proposal is to extend the Foundation Bonus for one more year with the start date coinciding with the launch of Mainnet v1.5 in Q4 2021. The total rewards/structure of the Foundation Bonus will remain the same (80 IOTX per epoch for all Top 36 Delegates). This proposal will continue to incentivize Delegates to provide exceptional service and make the IoTeX Network more reliable, robust, and decentralized. In turn, we believe this proposal will deliver benefits to all IoTeX stakeholders.

Other Details

  • Eligibility: any IoTeX stakeholder (i.e., those that stake IOTX) can vote
  • Timeline
    • Discussion on Forum: Friday, September 10 to Wednesday, September 15
    • Voting Period: Thursday, September 16 - Friday, September 24
    • Implementation (if accepted): Mainnet v1.5 (Q4 2021)
  • Voting on Snapshot: see our step-by-step voting instructions

:star: Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and we look forward to your participation in this community vote and others in the future!


Most of all I like the moment when IoTeX makes something for COMMUNITY!
Fully support this proposal!


could you also post in Telegram on instructions how to vote, i’m a newby


This step will increase the stake holders. I fully support this proposal. Good initiative :+1:


Hi! Check this blog Community Voting Kickoff - Foundation Bonus Rewards Extension
More instructions will be available with voting start on Wednesday, September 15


I would also like to know how to vote! the step by step! I hope it’s really simple

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Como votar passo a passo através do ioPay ios ? Please🙏🏿


How to vote step by step through ioPay ios ? Please🙏🏿

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Dont worry, full instruction will be available today, just make sure you staked IOTX :smiley:


I try to vote and I can’t…. I thought it was easy …… I go to governance and see the option to vote …… vote YES …… and I’m directed to connect with a wallet I don’t have…… I just use my ioPay and I would very much like to vote just for her, since it is an Iotex governance …. fair to use the native wallet……can i vote like that? If I can, how to proceed? I have almost 1 million Iotx on Stake.
Thank You!


I also cannot vote using iopay, it directed me to a website qovernance.
But after connecting, iopay wallet is not in the selection only metamask, torus etc…
Is there a way to vote using iopay???

I try to vote, but I am told that my voting power is zero! tell me, was there a snapshot before the start of the vote or everyone can vote? then why does my wallet not allow voting?

Feeling thrilled to have my first community governance event! Lol.

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If your coins are all staked, then perhaps the Delegates already voted for you therefore you can’t double vote.


You need to connect your IOPAY wallet to Metamask to vote. You can find how to connect using the link in the instructions.

Proposal is my choise

I thought this was over…. Yes to Extend!

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Nice project.i love this project

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Please make unstake possible even without waiting for duration. Also can you explain why we cannot set stake duration lower than the duration we set? I hope it can be fix.


Good jobs and iam so happy with my iotx

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