Community Vote for Mainnet GA Codename

IoTeX Mainnet GA is coming on June 1, 2020! Mainnet GA will be IoTeX’s biggest release yet, sparking a new era for IoTeX and the Internet of Trusted Things. Get ready!

Please see our official Mainnet GA thread for more details.

“Name-the-Net” - Vote for the Mainnet GA Codename

In early May, we launched a community campaign to give the IoTeX community the chance to pick the codename for Mainnet GA – we received over 150 responses, thank you!

All submitted codenames were required to be anagrams of the name of a famous innovator. The four finalists (codename + innovator) are listed below:


Machina means “of the machine” and describes a new solution that solves a seemingly unsolvable problem, just like IoTeX! Machina is an anagram of Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize winning innovator regarded as one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century. Famous for his work on Quantum Theory and the Manhattan Project.


Mantis is an insect thought to have supernatural powers by early civilizations and known for its calm and collected “praying” stance. Mantis is an anagram of Alan “Mathison” Turing, a British computer scientist that contributed greatly to theoretical computer science. Famous for the Turing machine, one of the first general-purpose computers.


Slate is commonly used in regards to a “blank slate” or a fresh start based on something in its original state, yet to be changed by people or experiences. Slate is an anagram of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor best known for his contributions to modern electricity systems. Famous for the Tesla coil and alternating-current (AC) electricity.


Timber is high-quality wood that is suitable for building or for carpentry. Timber is an anagram of Tim Berners-Lee, a British engineer and computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. He is currently a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

How to Vote?

Voting will be open for four days from May 20 11pm PDT - May 24 11pm PDT. Anyone with a Twitter account is eligible to vote!

:arrow_right: Vote on Twitter via this link!

Vote and Retweet for your chance to win 10,000 IOTX! Please help to share the voting link with everyone you know – we are excited to see the voting results, which will be published on Monday, May 25.


ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS >>> IoTeX Mainnet GA Launch & Naming Gleam Campaign

Campaign Link :arrow_right:

"Name-the-Net" Winner = 50,000 IOTX

An undisclosed community member donated the prize to the 4 Name the Net Finalists :star_struck:

4 Name the Net Finalists = 10,000 IOTX + bonus 12,500 IOTX each

Mantis - Théau Langlois
Slate - Maranda Hymes
Timber - Racha Kitty
Crystal - Viktariia Tymoshenko

25 Honorary Gleam Winners = 2,500 IOTX each

|1| Ashan suranga|
|2| Ukah Roseline|
|3| Reeta porwal|
|4| Aloysius Ang|
|5| Tomas Stankevicius|
|6| Godwin Chukwu|
|7| Rem remi|
|8| Matras|
|9| Max Satori|
|10| Alberto narduzzi|
|11| Donald P|
|12| Turk pasha|
|13| Aleksei Kotelevetc|
|14| Marco bua|
|15| Hatim zomlot|
|16| Andrew McMillan|
|17| Adi Kurniawan|
|18| Romi Gusmar|
|19| Rizky|
|20| Tejas Hargude|
|21| Jisanmemon|
|22| Fedorenko Sergey|
|23| Stanley kurian|
|24| Andrei Costache|
|25| Akshay Kumar Agarwal|

All of the winners will receive the rewards in the next 48 hours to the indicated IoTeX wallet address. If you have any questions, please PM an admin on Telegram @Alina_IoTeX


Congrats to all winners!!! Great done! Great Mainnet name were propoed! :+1:


Really glad for the great effect that the voting brought to the community. Lots of people implied and ready to see Machina starting ! A generous gift also given by a community member that we all thank


Congratulations to all the winners! Together we chose the decent name of the Mainnet GA!