Deposit to Wallet from Exchange, and ioPay Usage Guide

Deposit Notes:

1.The most commonly used exchanges are Binance,, Coinbase and others.
2.Withdrawal fees vary for each exchange.
3.The token symbol for IoTeX is IOTX.

Example of Withdrawing from Binance to iopay Wallet

ioPay Wallet User Guide

iopay download guide :point_right:Tutorial on Downloading ioPay Wallet and Adding IoTeX Network to MetaMask

Understanding Web3 Addresses:

1.IoTeX is a EVM compatible blockchain. Each IoTeX (io) address corresponds to a 0x format address (they share the same private key).
2.When making transfers in the ioPay wallet, you can either use the io address or the 0x address directly.
3.After adding the IoTeX network to the MetaMask wallet, if you are transferring to an exchange or the ioPay wallet, you need to convert the address into the 0x format, as MetaMask only recognizes the 0x format. Remember to transfer within the same chain/network.

Address Conversion Tool: IoTeX Address Converter