Tutorial on Downloading ioPay Wallet and Adding IoTeX Network to MetaMask

IoTeX Community members most commonly use the wallets ioPay and MetaMask. For mobile devices, ioPay is recommended, while MetaMask is suitable for PC usage.

Download ioPay for Mobile:

For Android user, please download ioPay from the official website iopay.me (open in the browser) and select “mirror1-CN”.

You can also search for “ioPay” on Google Play and download it.

For iOS user, please log in to the App Store with a Hong Kong or U.S. ID, search for “ioPay”, and download it.

If ioPay on iPhone doesn’t display dApps after the first download, you can resolve this issue by entering the following in Safari: “iopay://browser_enable” . Then reopen ioPay, and it should display.

Manually adding IoTeX network:

For MetaMask:

Network Name: IoTeX Network
RPC URL: https://babel-api.mainnet.iotex.io/ 18
ChainID: 4689
Symbol: IOTX
Block Explorer URL: https://iotexscan.io/ 1

Quickly add networks

You can also add the IoTeX network with one click through ChainList

For ioPay or MetaMask users, in case of network issues, You can see the list of available RPCs via Chainlist (green status indicates good network) :point_down:

ioPay Wallet Web version: https://wallet.iotex.io