How to import your ioPay Wallet in Metamask

Since the IoTeX blockchain is Web3 compatible, as long as a wallet app allows you to customize the network endpoint, you can use any Web3 wallet with IoTeX.

If you already have a wallet configured in ioPay, you can import it in Metamask very easily:

  1. In Metamask, make sure you add the IoTeX blockchain by using the respecting link on

  2. In ioPay, export your private key using the little wallet icon in the top right corner of the ioPay home screen:

  1. In Metamask, select “import Account” from the menu:

  2. Input the ioPay private key, and make sure you selected IoTeX as the Metamask network:


this wallet dosent look like mine

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Why do you say so , because I had similar issue few days ago but it got resolved immediately I contacted the support team , the had to help me set up my wallet