How to import your Metamask wallet in ioPay

Because IoTeX is an Ethereum compatible network, it utilizes the same type of cryptography for wallet addresses as Ethereum, which means that any private key that can be used on Ethereum can also be used on IoTeX, and they will generate the same wallet addresses on both networks.

As a consequence, you can import any Ethereum-compatible wallet into ioPay, the official IoTeX wallet app, and since ioPay is a cross-blockchain wallet app supporting IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC chains, this also means that you will be able to manage your wallet on all these networks seamlessly, inside ioPay.

In this past tutorial, we saw how you could import in Metamask any wallet account you created in ioPay. This new tutorial will show how to import your Metamask wallet into ioPay and use the same address on multiple blockchains. However, this guide is not limited to Metamask wallets: it also applies to any other Ethereum wallet that allows you to export the private key of your accounts.

Export the account private key in Metamask

  1. In Metamask, select the account you want to import in ioPay

  2. In the account menu, select the account details:

  1. In the account details screen, select β€œExport Private Key”, then input your Metamask password to show the private key:

  1. Write down your Metamask account private key: you will need it in ioPay.

Import the account private key in ioPay

  1. Open ioPay mobile;
  • if you have already created an account in ioPay, select β€œSettings”, then β€œManage Wallets,” finally click the β€œβŠ•β€ (β€œplus”) button to access the wallet creation screen:

  • if this is the first time you open ioPay, then you will be presented with the wallet creation page directly;
  1. from the wallet creation page:

    • Click β€œImport wallet,”
    • make sure you select the β€œPrivate key” tab,
    • type the private key you copied from Metamask in the text area
    • click β€œNEXT”

  1. In the following screen, type a name for your new wallet, then click β€œNEXT” and confirm:

Access your wallet address on multiple blockchains

By default, the ioPay home page will show you the balance of your wallet on the IoTeX Blockchain. However, you can tap the network menu at the top of the screen to quickly switch to a different blockchain and access your wallet instantly also on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon:

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