How to unstake or how to get my erc-20 token back when I staked with a Trezor

I used my Iotex tokens to vote for a delegate over a year ago. I notice Iotex now requires us to use the ioPay desktop to vote. However, I do not see support for the Trezor One, which I used to stake my tokens. How do I get to my tokens? Also, has a swap occurred for the ERC-20 token to mainnet yet. How do I go about with that?

I was referred to the “reclaim bucket”, but I don’t know how to use it. Is there any guide available? What goes under “Bucket Index”, and what goes under " Recipient Address ".

Thank you all.

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@iotex Please review this

Hi Wave,

I saw that post before I created mines. There is no info regarding the Trezor. Also, the Trezor is grayed out unlike the Ledger, when following the steps with signing.

Can anyone help please. Thanks.

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you should connect TREZOR by MetaMask first

then you should select Web3 item