ioPay Desktop 1.0.14 released!

ioPay Desktop is the official IoTeX Wallet app for Desktop computers, and it’s available for Windows, Linux and macOS:

ioPay Desktop 1.0.14

ioPay Desktop is a full-featured crypto-wallet to help you manage your IOTX and XRC20 tokens, and have access to the growing ecosystem of dApps in the IoTeX Network.

The current v1.0.14 introduces a few improvements related to XRC20 tokens management and bug fixes, below are all the changes for this release:

1. Easily add XRC20 Tokens by name

When adding a new XRC20 Token to the wallet you can now easily search the exact token by name in a list that conveniently shows all the tokens whose metadata have been submitted to the team. If your token is very new and has not been submitted yet, or is not not listed for some reason, you can still add it by typing the token contract address directly:

Add Tokens

2. New XRC20 Tokens panel

ioPay Desktop allows to conveniently monitor the balance and transfer all your XRC20 tokens, that are listed in the XRC20 Tokens panel on the right. This panel is now easier to identify, and it now also includes the button to add a new token to the list:

XRC20 Tokens panel

3. Wallet Backup Phrase removed

We removed mnemonic phrase that was displayed after a new wallet was created in ioPay: in fact, the old mnemonic phrase did not follow a standard Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet path.

If you used the old mnemonic phrase you can still unlock your wallets, however we strongly recommend you to make a new backup of those wallets ioPay Desktop itself and save the private key, or the keystore file.

4. Bug fixes

As usual, a few bug fixes come with this release as well: see the release notes for more details.

Download ioPay for Mobile & Desktop and see our official ioPay forum thread.


Iopay desktop will be appreciated more as it progresses to be a carbon copy of iopay mobile. Job well done :wave:


when unlocked the wallet ioteX . not show balnced, i chek tow system.

Hi, make sure you are connected to the internet when you unlock ioPay, or it won’t be able to connect to the blockchain and update your wallet balances

my system and phone are connected to the internet, we have no problem with other digital currency wallets, only with the iota wallet, this is the problem.
Other colleagues have the same problem.
Our location is Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan

The phone software is loaded for many hours and has no function. The Windows operating system also has no balance display

To explain that:
1- We tested different phones,
2- We tested several computers, laptops and operating systems,
3- We tested without firewall and proxy.

Hello, it is not a problem to encrypt and open the wallet! The problem is balancing and displaying the wallet balance.

Wallets seem to have problems with the IP of some countries…