IoTeX Mainnet v0.11.0 - "Easter" Release


In March, a community-wide vote was held and a new proposal was passed regarding Delegate Probation. From now on, IoTeX Delegates will be put on “probation” if they are offline and fail to produce blocks – this addresses the “nothing at stake” issue for Delegates and promotes a healthier ecosystem. For more information, please see the official forum thread on Delegate Probation.

Code Release v.0.11.0 – “Easter”

IoTeX core-dev has developed new code for the Delegate Probation process, as well as various performance + stability enhancements! This specific code release v0.11.0 is nicknamed “Easter” :rabbit:

In early April, the Easter release was deployed to the Testnet (where it is currently being fine tuned) and will be implemented to Mainnet based on the following timeline:

  • Deploy v0.11.0 to Testnet: live now!
    – Join Testnet via iotex-bootstrap
    – If you want to help test Easter or other releases, let us know!
  • Open source the v0.11.0 code on Github: Monday, April 13
  • Activation of code release by Delegates: Week of April 20

What’s Next?

Easter v0.11.0 will be one of the last code releases before Mainnet GA (v1.0) in Q2 2020. Stay tuned for more announcements on IoTeX’s biggest milestone yet! For any questions on Easter (v0.11.0) or Mainnet GA (v1.0), please reach out in the IoTeX Telegram Group.


Happy Easter celebrations to the entire community ecosystem. :cupcake: :cake: :cup_with_straw: :beverage_box: :fork_and_knife:


Happy Easter!
Waiting for Mainnet GA!