IoTeX Token Minter: Fungible Token (XRC20) Tutorial

IoTeX Token Minter is a web tool that allows anyone to create and deploy their own token on the IoTeX blockchain in no time. Token Minter supports both Fungible (XRC20) and Non-Fungible Tokens (XRC721).

This tutorial will show you how to create your own XRC20 token with Token Minter. For our XRC721 tutorial, see this thread.

1. Getting started

a) Download ioPay Desktop: Before you start using you must download ioPay Desktop, the official IoTeX Wallet:

b) Login to ioPay Desktop: Launch ioPay, login to your wallet, select the correct network you want to deploy the token (Mainnet, Testnet). Make sure you have some IOTX for gas fees!

c) Access the MintToken website : make sure ioPay Desktop is open and unlocked, then open your browser and go to

2. Configure your token contract

a) In the next screen you will be asked to customize your token:

  1. Set the Token name : this is a descriptive name for your token (e.g., Vitality)
  2. Set the Token symbol: this is a short symbol representing the token (e.g., VITA)
  3. Set the number of decimals : set to 0 if you want your token to be non-divisible, or set any number of decimals if you want to partition your token (e.g. If you want to be able to send 1.9986578319 tokens then set 10 decimals)
  4. Set the total supply : this will be the total amount of tokens in circulation, and they will be transferred to your wallet address upon contract deployment.

b) When you are ready, click the Submit button to start the token contract deployment process:

3. Deploy the token to the blockchain

After clicking Submit, your ioPay wallet will display a request to sign the contract deployment action: scroll down and click Yes, sign action. You should see a confirmation after your action is broadcasted to the blockchain with your action hash.

4. Find your token contract address on

a) Once the token has been deployed, you can open your wallet on the explorer:

b) On the explorer, locate and click your last action to see the details:

c) In the action details, locate and copy the contract address assigned to your token contract:

5. Add your token in ioPay

a) Back in your ioPay Wallet, click “Custom Token” to add your token to ioPay, and paste the token contract address:

b) Click OK to confirm, then verify that the token has been added to ioPay and that your balance for the token equals the total supply!


For any questions, please contact an Admin in the IoTeX Telegram Group. Stay tuned for more advanced token creation tutorials!


Well, explained tutorial, token can be minted on a goal, even by non-programmers/cryptographers. :desktop_computer:

Thanks for the detailed instructions