Looking for Support?

If you are experiencing problems or need any help related to IoTeX products, you may get a fast answer if you ask in our official Telegram. Our community leaders will do their best to support you. If you have more time, you may consider exploring our Onboarding Pack. For a sure reply, send an email to: [email protected].

For reference, some of our core products include: ioPay, ioTube, Staking Portal, Burn-Drop, Pebble, Meta-Pebble, MachineFi Portal, and IoTeXScan. If your issue is with an ecosystem project, please consider asking their support team first, you may find a faster and better answer this way.

For the most technical questions related to our technology, you may review our docs, explore our developers portal, or join our developers Discord to ask our team. An example of deeply technical questions for our devs channel:

  • Using our APIs. :white_check_mark:
  • Transferring tokens. :x:
  • Staking. :x:
  • Doing a PR of our codebase. :white_check_mark: