Forum Welcome & Weekly Update

Welcome to the IoTeX Forums!

Latest Governance Updates [Review the Process]
:pushpin: Mainnet v1.9 Release [Passed! :white_check_mark:]
:pushpin: Burn-Drop Tokenomics Update [Passed! :white_check_mark:]
:pushpin: Delegates Program Updates [IDEA Stage]

Network & Tools Feedback Requests
:top: What's New for IoTeX Delegates?
:potable_water: Feedback request on ioTube
:pancakes: Feedback request on IoTeX Staking
:iphone: Feedback request on ioPay

Latest news from across the ecosystem. :newspaper_roll:

Elsewhere in the Forums
:books: We are testing a community events platform in preparation for the events calendar. Join us for some alpha!

In the IoTeX Forum, you’ll get the first look at new governance proposals, contribute valuable product feedback, join in community discussions, and so much more. Review everything about the new structure of the Forums here. :dart:

Here’s a quick overview of the core areas of the Forum and key external platforms for easier navigation: Governance Proposals, Community Debates, Network & Products Threads, Halo Grants, Support Links, Miscellaneous Section, Independent International Communities, Developers Portal, Events Calendar, and every other link.