[Seeking Feedback] IoTeX Staking

Hi IoTeX Community!

We would love to hear your feedback on IoTeX Staking.
IoTeX Staking is available at the following link: stake.iotex.io

If you would like to learn more about IoTeX Staking you can read our blog post:
Staking Your IOTX [What’s New + a Guide]. Additionally, you can watch a tutorial about how to stake IOTX at the following link: IoTeX Staking Tutorial: MetaMask & Web3 Wallets - YouTube

Our products are designed for our community so we take all user feedback very seriously!

Please discuss your feedback and ideas for IoTeX Staking below.


Lead Product Manager


I have been staking through stake.iotex.io for over a year now and it’s been a great experience. The platform is easy and fun to use. I would love it if we could see our rewards graphed over longer periods of time such as 6 months or 1 year and to be able to export the data into a spreadsheet.


The reward information from staking iotex is very confusing. I never see any rewards for “Last Day”, and for the “Last 30 Days”, it doesn’t show me the begining date and the ending date. There is little or no information when the rewards are distristributed or expected. The lock feature in order earn compound interest is just a bad idea. Why would it take another staking period (e.g. 91 days) to unlock the original staking period have ended, then wait another 3 or 5 days to withdraw. For example, when I staked my iotex for 91 days, it took me 182 + 3 or 5 days to completely withdraw my stake. After this experience, I will never lock my tokens again.

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Can we have a column showing us the total amount of iotex we get from staking from the first time we stake.
Will motivate more people to stake that what I feel.


I use the IOPAY wallet and currently stake my tokens in the wallet delegating a few Buckets I love this its looking great and IOTEX is pushing thru the obstacles and making very big progress

Hi Aaron, I’ve been staking for a long time, 1.5yrs+ I think. I’ve always had the stake lock on and lock duration at 92 days. I’ll continue staking for a long time to come but I need to sell a small percentage of my holdings. I’m super frustrated that there isn’t an option to remove stake lock on a percentage of my staked total. An all or none option for stake lock is really uncool. It sucks that I will miss out on burn drop during the lock duration just to pull out a small percentage, especially considering the burn drop bonus will be sunset in the near future. I advocate for this to be changed asap! Also, if there’s a way to do this that I’m unaware of I’d love to know about it. Thank you for the support and consideration.

Good afternoon.
Regarding the operation of staking in the ioPay wallet, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Ability to combine several buckets into one. It so happened that I have 14 buckets, they are inconvenient to manage.
  2. When entering the bucket, I only see the integer value of staked tokens. To view a total amount I have to do the following steps «Staking Bucket Details»->«Edit»->->«Add stake» and then I see total amount. It is not comfortable.
  3. Function «Compound». As far as I understand, only one bucket can be selected at the moment, not several or not all. It is also not comfortable.
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I started staking at https://stake.iotex.io/ approximately 1 month ago.

I chose and staked my iotx on two delegates:
UNIFI (stake no 84215)
IoTeXN (stake no 84216)

To connect and interact on https://stake.iotex.io/ I use a Metamask wallet address (connected with Trezor One).

Weekly I visualize the situation of the stake and the rewards, but yesterday nothing appeared.
It’s like my stake doesn’t exist.

I asked for help in the official IoTeX Official Group (Telegram: Contact @IoTeXGroup), and one of the admins @richard informed that I didn’t lose the funds; informed that I JUST cannot view them.

In addition to not seeing it, I also can’t make any commands (including new stakes with my wallet balance)

The situation persists.

@richard (in the official IoTeX Official Group (Telegram: Contact @IoTeXGroup) suggested migrating from Metamask to iopay, but I’m not succeeding.
Introducing the ioPay 2.0 Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet

So, I ask for help, or that you can forward it to the developers to see what’s going on. I believe they can fix the error.

Such a situation may be happening to other users who use metamask.

I’m a user from Brazil (I speak Portuguese) and I’m using the Google translator. Sorry if the text is not well translated.

I ask for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Vinicius Manozzo

I just checked to see the rewards, so:

  1. If there is no reward just yesterday, I suggest to wait patiently. Because rewards are issued sequentially
  2. It is strongly recommended to use mobile iopay, which is a perfect tool for IoTeX ecology

So far so good, only think I suggest improving is giving more transparency by providing info to the user that if they lock they will have to wait the duration period for the unlock.
Example… when someone hits “lock” show an alert dialog “After locking, to unlock your stake it will take [duration_time] days. During this period you cannot unstake. Unstaking will then take an additional 72 hours.”

Then 2 buttons “I agree, proceed” and “Cancel”

I am an early adapter to the Project. Since I have downloaded the latest v1.1.0 of the Desktop iopay wallet this year, I have had nothing but problems. The wallet, aside from logging in is basically inoperable. It is not recognized by the MIMO exchange (will not connect) and more recently the wallet will not connect the staking platform i.e. “Connect Wallet” does not work. In addition I have not been able to claim any tokens for months now. When I click on the red “Claim” bar it literally throws me out of the wallet. [email protected] has been unresponsive this time around. IMO, this is a neglected wallet version that is in need of maintenance. As an investor, it is of utmost importance to be able to have a wallet that is easy to use and that can be trusted. I’m going on 4 years with IOTEX and I am seriously considering unstaking my entire investment, that is of course, if I am ever able to get back into my wallet to do so!

Hi, you can download the iopay wallet (https://iopay.me)to view your assets. For PC, we recommend using the metamask wallet

Hey Aaron! This is an older thread but thought I would add my question based on recent experience. I’d like to be able to set up a multisig wallet and from there, stake $IOTX with a Delegate. Is this possible?