[Seeking Feedback] IoTeX Staking

Hi IoTeX Community!

We would love to hear your feedback on IoTeX Staking.
IoTeX Staking is available at the following link: stake.iotex.io

If you would like to learn more about IoTeX Staking you can read our blog post:
Staking Your IOTX [What’s New + a Guide]. Additionally, you can watch a tutorial about how to stake IOTX at the following link: IoTeX Staking Tutorial: MetaMask & Web3 Wallets - YouTube

Our products are designed for our community so we take all user feedback very seriously!

Please discuss your feedback and ideas for IoTeX Staking below.


Lead Product Manager

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I have been staking through stake.iotex.io for over a year now and it’s been a great experience. The platform is easy and fun to use. I would love it if we could see our rewards graphed over longer periods of time such as 6 months or 1 year and to be able to export the data into a spreadsheet.


The reward information from staking iotex is very confusing. I never see any rewards for “Last Day”, and for the “Last 30 Days”, it doesn’t show me the begining date and the ending date. There is little or no information when the rewards are distristributed or expected. The lock feature in order earn compound interest is just a bad idea. Why would it take another staking period (e.g. 91 days) to unlock the original staking period have ended, then wait another 3 or 5 days to withdraw. For example, when I staked my iotex for 91 days, it took me 182 + 3 or 5 days to completely withdraw my stake. After this experience, I will never lock my tokens again.

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Can we have a column showing us the total amount of iotex we get from staking from the first time we stake.
Will motivate more people to stake that what I feel.

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