[Seeking Feedback] ioTube Feedback

Hi IoTeX Community!

We would love to hear your feedback on ioTube (our decentralized, multi-asset, cross-chain bridge).
ioTube is available at the following link: https://iotube.org/

Our products are designed for our community so we take all user feedback very seriously!

Please discuss your feedback and ideas for ioTube below.


Lead Product Manager

I am happy to be able to participate here. I hope the project will run smoothly and be a great success

Hello @Aaron-iotex,
cheers from early ioTube user, I’ve been using ioTube since the very first version!
Just a few feedback and questions here

  1. Is there any roadmap for ioTube development ahead?
    Since ioPay has supported Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum network, I assume ioTube would also be able to bridge iotx and xrc20 tokens to those chains. When will this happen?
    I just recall almost 2 years ago IoTex partnering with QuickSwap and providing CIOTX/USDC and CIOTX/QUICK pairs on the Dex, and give incentive for the LP, and that really push ioTube usage.
    Could this strategy be applied to Dex to other chains (especially Arbitrum)?

  2. Prior to that, actualy I really hope to see ioTube more “stable”, since I still see bridging process “stuck”, indicated by status “Failed”, and this failed conditions having no automatic rollback (usually bridge app having this “rollback” feature that user fund return to original wallet after stuck for a limit time, say 24 hours).
    In regards to this, if you look at current condition now, there are 4 failed transaction (bridge to Polygon), one of them is already 18 days there!
    I’m not sure if ioTube team has a monitoring or kind of alarm tool if there are stuck transaction in the bridge, I think it should.

    Hopefully those stucks transaction could be cleared asap.

  3. Related to support, it could be nice if there’s a direct link from ioTube UI to a support page where user can submit ticket if he/she encounter problem when bridging using ioTube.

That’s for now, I’d like to write some other feedback but I think they’re more related to other thread.
Thank you, and happy new year!


Hello, can somebody from IoTex team response to my feedback above?

(I just saw another iotube failed transaction bridging to polygon, I think it needs support attention asap)


Hi Roy,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will try to find out what is going on with these failed transactions.

We have had a new version of ioPay baking for a while actually! Just need to make sure all the security measures are in place before we release.