Lost private key

Hi i lost my private key how can i restore it because i need my iotx token please help me

Hi, what you mean with this?

Starting from the beginning, Did you make a copy of your wallet key when you created your wallet? (Either handwritten or a digital copy of the qr-code or the key, maybe a screenshot? Or you imported your wallet on a different phone or computer? That would help recovering a copy of the key) — never post your private key in this forum BTW!

No i just creat a wallet in my iopay and after i instal the new version of application… It just come with my new account and my oldest one just come with adress and i cant do anything with it

I’m sorry, but if you have no access to the private key and you did not save it anywhere, then you can’t have access to your account anymore. This is the first safety rule in Blockchain.
For the future, when you create a new blockchain wallet (whatever blockchain), before you transfer any funds in it, always do the following:

  • show the private key or the mnemonic phrase of the wallet

  • save the key or the phrase somewhere where it cannot be lost and not accessible to other people (clearly written on multiple piece of papers that you store safely or give to trusted people is also a good way)

  • take note of the wallet address and delete your account from the wallet app

  • create a new account by importing the private key or the mnemonic

  • check that you could import the wallet correctly (check that the address is the same as before)

  • you can now safely send the funds to that address