Official ioPay Wallet Thread

Did you check your bucket with the address you entered when sent your IOTX? When you stake your IOTX they don’t go to your address, they go to the smart contract address, so when you change the address your bucket is connected I guess it moved through smart contract address as well. But if you entered the address of which you have a private key the bucket should be there ( not depending on address the IOTX went (I guess it is a smart contract address).

Right, sorry that’s what I meant. I just cannot see them in that wallet either. There’s nothing to indicate that they were moved there or reassigned there. Someone showed me a screenshot of them today when j gave him my hash code and it was my bucket but when I asked where he found it I didn’t receive a reply. He said the same thing you said, but where do my rewards/ interest go? My METX and vita? How can I tell if that wallet is the where it’s reassigned to? Thanks for your time. I’m sorry I’m a dumb guy playing with crypto I don’t know what I’m doing but just dying to participate

I’m not sure if I said this already but I did this thinking it would be a way to unstake them and get them back. I was just trying something out. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I almost forgot about this thread. I have made progress but stuck again. It told support on Discord about it and she said to find wallet support so here j am again.

I now can see my bucket in ioPay. I managed to move it again. It is now somehow receiving IOTX interest in my COBO wallet and Vita somewhere else. I can vsee that I have vita to claim on it but I can’t effect the bucket at all other than change it’s name. and I can’t change any options on the bucket. I can’t unstake it or turn off auto lock. I can’t do anything. what do I need to do? my brain hurts but I’ll try to keep up.