Pending nonce problem

I did reassign bucket from iopay to binence.

Even I got a transaction about successful there is no action after I got that transaction from iopay.
So I searched my binence address from this community there is 1 pending nonce.

So, I would like to know how to cancel that pending nonce.

I need a help.
Thank you

Hi, unfortunately Binance does not support IoTeX staking buckets. So while you transferred tour bucket successfully, you basically gave it to binance because you don’t own that addresses.

You can only hope that they will want to send it back.

Send them the bucket number, the link to the explorer (Replace with the bucket number)
That will show them the history of the bucket

Hi, zimne. Thank you for your reply.

I asked to Binance customer service. they said if I sent my bucket to Binance I have to have TxID.
But, as I wrote in that transaction I couldn’t send my IOTX bucket to Binance because they don’t have bucket staking service that means I don’t have TxID about that.

at the latest answer Binance said if I don’t have TxID(transaction ID) from Binance I should talk with IoPay. unfortunately, my bucket has gone right? there is no way to cancel that pending nonce in this community? or have opportunity to talk who can solve this problem?

I realized something about my bucket, it was stake-locked for 91 days. is there any possibility to act successfully that pending nonce after 91 days from I locked?

I think they are asking for the tx hash of the transfer. Please post the bucket number or the tx hash of the bucket transfer here

Bucket number was 23023.
I sent the tx to Binance for applying uncredited deposit recover. They rejected my application.
Only good thing is stake rewards keep coming to my binance account.

They will not credit the bucket amount to you, because they don’t see the transfer of that amount in IOTX (the transfer moved the bucket, not the tokens).

So you should ask them to do the same operation that you did: change ownership of the bucket back to your sender address. To do that, they must know how to manage staking buckets with ioPay wallet (the Desktop or the mobile version). Wether they will do it or not, it’s up to them.