[Rejected] 8ight Finance

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Project Name

8ight Finance.

Project Type

A Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol, Defi 2.0.

Proposal Description

We are a fork of Olympus - OHM launching on Harmony (ONE) chain. 8ight Finance is a decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol. Our goal is to provide bonds market cross chain, lending of treasury and help ONE and IoTex chain grow.


  • Milestone 1: Finish the codes to go crosschain to IoTeX
    • Duration (weeks): 3 weeks after launch
    • Deliverables: All of the codes, front end done.
    • Funds request (USD): 50,000$
  • Milestone 2: Go crosschain before 6 weeks after launch, start selling bonds on IoTex.
  • Duration (weeks): 6 weeks after launch
    • Deliverables: Everything runs smoothly on IoTex
    • Funds request (USD): 0$

Total funds requested


About your Team

Anon defi team consists of 4 people, s7ven (me) is the main dev. Github: https://github.com/8ightDAO


We currently have 7,300+ members on Discord - 900+ boosted members, and 8,000+ followers on Twitter. We believe we can bring 10,000+ people into the IoTex ecosystem with our project launching crosschain to IoTex.


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Can we buy in now if so what’s the costs associated

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@s7ven this is an amazing one, thanks for applying! Do you mind attaching certain metrics to each of the milestones, e.g.,
milestone 1:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Deliverables: xxx
  • Metrics: 1000 active monthly users
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they have rugged in the harmony one community. can closed case already

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Good feedback. Mark this one as rejected.