[Rejected]New Podcst show

Name: TBD

TYPE: Podcast/Videocast
Description: Podcast/Videocast based on and around IoTeX, her products, users, community, partnerships, and IOTX currency. The show will be two to three episodes weekly, with interviews from IoTeX dev’s and personnel. Also with people from partnerships and fellow community members.
The goal is to attract listeners/viewers with basic and advanced understanding in Web3, blockchain, DEFi, GameFi, and NFT’s in the IoTeX Ecosystem with easy to understand questions and answers. By doing the shows this way, we can increase the amount of developers, end users, & investors in the ecosystem that may have not heard of IoTeX before.
The show will start as a podcast only and become a Videocast as subscriptions increase.
Video shows will not usurp and videos done by Larry Pang.
Milestones: Obtain at least 5,000 followers in first year with multiple podcast sites, and using Twitter, FaceBook, and other media for show info and links. Large scale mass emails to followers with rewards for subscribing.
Starting second year, create Videocasts that will be set on multiple platforms such, but not limited to, as YouTube, Rumble, 2nd 1st, etc.
Finance: Requesting $150,000 for first year to include equipment, rental studio space (from home broadcast if unable to obtain studio), software, hosting, salary, and expenses. Costs will be broken down and itemized , and IoTeX will maintain ownership of property of equipment and rights to show(s).
Team: This will be a solo project up until new personnel are needed for production of web shows and such. And additional personnel would be approved by IoTeX before being utilized on the casts.
Metrics: Would like to see increase of roughly 15% to 20% in overall market cap and growth as community grows in first year. Increase partnerships in the ecosystem by 25%by the end of year two.

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$150k for starting a podcast show. Really?

It had no negative votes. Only approved votes. Doesn’t make much sense.

Yes. Equipment, which was to be the property of IOTEX, rental space, production (use of phone, computer, and storage of shows, stipend for possible work hours missed to conduct interviews.