[Seeking-Feedback]ADAM - The first data encryption and computing network in Web 3.0

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[ On-chain data retrieval, Oracle, Data visualization, On-chain data analysis platform, Data Monitoring Plugin, On-chain integrated marketing, Other ]

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[ ADAM is the first data encryption and computing network based on Web 3.0.

Product Highlights:

  1. On-chain data retrieval: visualizing massive on-chain data, marking wallets and entity tags, and accessing data through SQL queries or APIs.

  2. Oracle: fully use the ability of data computing on the chain to provide price-feeding services for blockchain enterprises.

  3. Data visualization: realizing wallet address portrait, transaction data visualization, transaction pattern recognition, and providing a variety of chart components to support the analysis and display of various data types.

  4. On-chain data analysis platform: conducting statistics and analysis on on-chain addresses, gaining insight into user behavior patterns, and providing digital currency on-chain transaction analysis tools for individuals or enterprises.

  5. Data Monitoring Plugin: conducting compliance assessment, entity identification, privacy breach risk analysis, identification of illegal activities through on-chain data monitoring and analysis.

  6. On-chain integrated marketing: according to public and authorized on-chain data, target users are selected through a sorting algorithm to carry out marketing activities.


  • Milestone 1: Users can use BEP-20 standard IOTX for Hybrid Pledge Mining
  • Duration (weeks): 2 weeks

  • Funds request (USD): 1,500 USD

  • Milestone 2:Oracle Products is officially deployed to the IoTeX main chain
  • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks

  • Funds request (USD): 3000 USD

  • Milestone 3: Other Web3 toolos like On-chain data retrieval, On-chain data analysis platform, Data Monitoring Plugin,On-chain integrated marketing products is officially deployed to the IoTeX main chain
  • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks

  • Funds request (USD): 5500 USD

Total funds requested

[ 10000USD ]

About your Team

Founder and CEO Ahmed Ebrahim , has an in-depth understanding of financial planning, accounting, analytics, and investments. He holds an MBA in International Finance and Investment. He has been awarded by China Development Bank in 2018. And have successfully invested in several blockchain projects.

Christopher Quet is ADAMoracle’s CMO, who graduated in International Trading in Lyon University, France, after studying in electronics. Christopher has operated and developed business in over 80 countries throughout his 22 years of experience, developing partnerships, and unique customized solutions.


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WebSite: https://www.adamoracle.io/
WhitePaper: https://www.adamoracle.io/assets/files/adamoracle_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram:https://t.me/adamoracleEnglish ;Telegram: Contact @adamoracleChinese
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Hello, Could u share us the core team LinkedIn and we can know more about your team.

And we want to know the product process


Great Project
Happy to be part of this great community and happy if it turned out to be a winner. Thank you very much. :four_leaf_clover::sparkles:

Excellent. I totally agree. keep growing

ADAM is the first data encryption and computing network based on Web 3.0.

Good project future

Good project, potential project and team success

Very nice and awesome project, success for the project and team :wink:

Super good project adam thanks to all

Moon soon nice project

strong project and very good, I like this project, hopefully in the future it will move to the moon, and wait for me so that I can be successful like you, good luck

Ilike adam oracle gooluck

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Good project will sucsses in the future :rocket::sunglasses:

I wish you success in this valuable campaign. I am by your side and I will try to add others. Thank you.

I voted this, this will certainly bring success to IOTEX ecosystem.

ADAM oracle is the real future :fire:

I love ADAM. The future is ADAM

adam will be interesting

Has a big potential :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Good projectI am lieve this project go to the moon and success

Excellent project, I eagerly look forward to its development with IOTEX ecosystem