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[ DeFiner: DeFi Lending on Your Own Terms**]

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[ Lending]

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DeFiner HODLer Market Proposal

The purpose of this tactic is two-fold:

  • Bring our current users over into the IoTeX ecosystem;
  • Encourage and attract more users to both the IoTeX and the DeFiner platforms along with their native tokens (IOTX and FIN).

At DeFiner, we believe that working together we go farther and we do better. A portion of the grant will go towards building marketing campaigns that benefit both the IoTeX and DeFiner ecosystems over the different stages of development.

Our Present: DeFiner 1.0

Our current product, DeFiner 1.0, serves as any DeFi lending protocol in the market; it’s used for crypto savings, loans, and payments. The protocol aggregates crypto deposits from lenders for users to borrow against the collateral asset deposited. DeFiner 1.0 is unique because it auto deploys any unused capital on other money market protocols to optimize utilization.

Definer 1.0 is a place where holders can deposit their token(s), such as IOTX earn interest, and borrow against their token when they need cash or liquidity, which gives them the flexibility to retain their tokens. One of the most appealing aspects for stablecoin holders using DeFiner is that they can enjoy one of the highest, most attractive interest rates in the market.

We aim to become a multi-chain protocol to offer lending of cross-chain assets. Our current product, DeFiner 1.0, has already been deployed in both the Ethereum and OKExChain networks with plans to launch on Polygon, Harmony, Near, and Binance Smart Chain networks soon. DeFiner currently has over $10 million funds deposited and growing in both Ethereum and OKExChain.

Our Future: DeFiner 2.0

DeFiner 2.0 is a permissionless and configurable lending protocol with users’ privacy 100% protected.

With the launch of DeFiner 2.0 coming up, we will offer the IoTeX community a DeFi lending solution with the flexibility and privacy necessary to create a debt market for any token. Some of the key differentiators of DeFiner 2.0 include:

  • DeFiner 2.0 is permissionless. The lending factory built into our smart contract enables users to list any crypto assets they want, including long-tail, low-cap assets.
  • DeFiner 2.0 is configurable: Users will have the ability to create a lending pool based on configurable parameters, such as interest rate model, risk model, and oracle model.
  • DeFiner 2.0 is private: Users can enable our ZK proof wallet transfers to do an encrypted internal transfer so only the user knows what the destination address is and where the balance is being transferred to.

IoTeX is a growing ecosystem with a need for variety in their lending markets. Our lending protocol will provide to the entire IoTeX ecosystem a debt market creation tool and the key funding they need to scale sustainably and support their communities.

Unique DeFi Mobile App

DeFiner is revolutionizing the DeFi lending space. We currently have an operating and functional web app to service our users. More excitingly, we will have a first-of-a-kind, DeFi iOS app which will enable users to have a better experience interacting with the DeFiner ecosystem. The mobile app will facilitate accessibility and convenience for users. Our unique app will increase the volume of users, as it will penetrate the growing mobile-adoption market and make DeFiner easier to use. This will result in lower cost of adoption and fees, which is always something users appreciate.


DeFiner 2.0 Roadmap: Crypto Lending Platform - DeFiner 2.0 Product Milestones Revealed

Total funds requested

[ $20,000

  • DeFiner 2.0 Permissionless Lending Protocol on IoTeX Mainnet Launch - $20K:
    $10K for integration, development, testing and audit.
    $10k for marketing to incentivize users for lending/borrowing/staking crypto assets on IoTeX. ]

About your Team

Team Structure

Jason Wu - Co-Founder & CEO

  • Experienced blockchain architect, project manager and digital finance entrepreneur. He is an adviser to numerous organizations in the areas of token economics, smart contact integration and blockchain architecture.

Chyna Qu - Co-Founder & COO

  • Experienced entrepreneur and an advocate for women leadership. She is a corporate leader that manages multiple key responsibilities including legal, human resources and data support.

Hilal Al-Hilal - CTO

  • Experienced technology consultant, IoT developer, and identity manager. Program manager at Microsoft for over 15 years, filing over seven patents and releasing a research publication.

Jitendra Chittoda - Head of Smart Contracts

  • Over twelve years of experience in software architecture and design. He is an industry expert on blockchain and a frequent contributor, hacker and speaker at various conferences and meetups. He was the head of smart contract and led the development for popular DeFi projects like AAVE, Mstable and B-Protocol which totally are holding assets over 20B+ TVL.

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DeFiner Community:
Twitter: @DeFinerOrg (Followers: 40.7K).
Telegram: @DeFiner (Members: 14.3K).
Discord: @DeFiner (Members: 2K).


Here are some helpful resources about DeFiner2.0 & HODler Market:

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