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N/A at this Time, for not knowing what to name it just yet!!

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Other - Education & Investment Firm w/ DEX.

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Working on something big. Wanting IoTeX’s permission for my project. I already have classes with some guidance to help me accomplish this goal, but I will need help with coding, building the backbones, and building GUI for ease of usage for beginners. For now, I’m not asking for funding, but will possibly do so. I’m wanting some feedback first, build some activity around the project. Everyone of us got into crypto in some form. I started in trading, and then worked into mining and node programs, learned a bit along the way. Not everyone can afford to invest a huge amount to invest into crypto, myself included. This is exactly where the idea came from, and now I’m upping it a little more. All I’m asking is for feedback, and maybe some support aka help along this journey. Ground is where it’s starting, and Only way to go is To The Moon, that way we at least land in the stars. God Bless & Love to my IoTeXian family.

As for the Project… Crypto Education & Investment Firm with DEX attached. My goal is to teach new comers, those interested, and making Investing as smooth as silk, by Educating with mining programs, node programs, and knowing which cryptos to get into. The DEX will have the cryptos that are new projects, other cryptos that the other exchanges don’t or won’t list, to a degree. The DEX will promote and support IoTeX and projects from IoTeX. The Education part of the project will promote and support IoTeX and other projects from IoTeX. By providing the essentials thru Education, Investments are easier to make, because of having the proper information needed to make the Investments wisely. Along with the Education side of the Firm, new comers and those interested will be introduced to mining, nodes, and staking programs to help keep investment costs to a minimum while providing the possible maximum gains. I hope this helps to understand better what I’m trying to create and accomplish.

Usage of Grant Funding will provide the needed Funding to help pay the programmers, and those involved in this project. The Grant Funding will also help support the project financially to help keep things like hosting, taxes, and all other fees incurred. The end goal is to make it where I can return the favor to others, paying it forward.

I hope this helps to better understand what I’m offering to the IoTeX Community and IoTeX Team. Please leave feedback. This is a project that will continue to grow. Have a wonderful day my IoTeXian Family. God Bless.


  • Milestone 1: Building the Project, Hiring needed personnel to make happen.
    • Duration (weeks): N/A, don’t know how long it will take exactly.
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): N/A, getting the backbone for the project is the most important part first.
    • Funds request (USD): Negotiable, Anything is better than Nothing.
  • Milestone 2: Will add Milestones as project progresses.

Total funds requested

Negotiable, Anything is better than Nothing.

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  • We commit to open source the project: Yes

  • We commit to stake 1,000 IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: Yes

  • We commit to donate 10% of profits to the IoTeX Foundation: Yes

About your Team

N/A, Just myself for now.


N/A, number of transactions, investors, etc will grow as project grows.



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As an exercise - what’s the very least you could do that people would find of value. Work with that idea to sketch out what you want to do and how much it would cost.

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The very least I could do is educate those on how to get into crypto with minimal investing costs, so they can get maximum gains in the investments on the correct crypto projects, aka IoTeX. I build pc gaming / mining rigs, and I use different programs to mine cryptos. My personal rig cost me $200 to build, and if sold would be a $750 rig. Things I know, and do myself when I can… I invest what I can afford to invest. I leave the miner going all the time, because I also run a node on it as well. I will start staking, especially when I’m able to do so financially. What I’m offering is a way to pave the beginning footwork for the new comers into crypto, by educating them on how to make proper decisions before investments are made. The DEX is the biggest part of where I would need help, and would bring in the most profits. By keeping fees as low as possible and gasless as possible would bring in more investors to the DEX. The more investors, the more transactions, the more collected from fees, the more profits. My plan is to help resolve volatility as much as possible. By learning the hard way, I made better decisions along the way. From a simple plan thru Education, better and smarter investments will be made. Basically the plan is to be the 1 stop for Education & Investment. Come Learn, Invest what you can afford to, Mine, and Run Nodes to support the project, Stake to gain more returns, Cash out 25%, Reinvest thru staking with the other 75%, keep the cycle running continually. As for charging for this info and getting started is the hardest part. I know I can’t throw $500 - $1000 off the go, but I do know I can do $10 - $50 off the go. I hope this helps. This is why I’m here, to learn also. The set of classes I’m taking are helping me the same to a degree, but breaking down the steps to help understand better. I’m taking Entrepreneurialship classes. Have a wonderful day. God Bless.

Remote In, LLC
Paris Rivette (Owner)
417-501-6960 (Office)

Perhaps more information about your project is needed for us to judge how to further communicate with you.

A more complete website, roadmap, deck, social media or team information may be required where possible.


This is the first time I’ve ever asked for anything to get grant funding to fund the project I’m trying to do. So I’m basically a newbie to this, but I have knowledge in crypto, and to most basic IT. I’m not a coder, programmer. My website I have for the time being is the website attached to this post asking for funding. As for a roadmap with set times, I can’t make yet, because I’m the type of person who does take things to heart. I understand accountability from your end for the funding, and I totally get it. It is just myself for now trying my hardest to get my project going. Without funding, I can’t do it. I’m technical, but not that technical. What I’m offering is a place where others can come to for crypto education, and provide a dex for certain cryptos. I’m offering a place where IoTeX can send newbies to help get a better understanding of crypto, and help support IoTeX thru node programs, staking, mining, and investments. I’m wanting to pave the basics down for IoTeX for the newbies. However, I’m here because I need the proper way to get the funding to start the project. I’m asking what do I need to do, to make this something IoTeX would fully support? It’s just myself doing all of it, and yes I’m limited because of lack of time, by having a family, and working fulltime. I’m asking to help me to help you so to speak. Give me specific details, and template on how something should look like, and I’ll do my absolute best to make it happen. Sorry I can’t provide anything more at this time, because I have nothing more to provide, from lack of time, at this moment. I can and will do my absolute best. I want to support IoTeX thru a node, but I currently can’t afford 1,000,000 IoTeX to throw at the node. So I’m asking for help with the education & investment firm with the dex, so I can get the IoTeX needed to do the node, so I can show others how to setup a node, so IoTeX is supported on the backend of the blockchain where it’s really needed the most. The stronger the backbone, the better the network. I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day. God Bless.

Paris, I believe you are coming from a good hearted place. You may not have all of your thoughts articulated yet, but I have voted yes.

One suggestion that may make this an enjoyable event if approved, make it a community exercise. As you progress, seek community input and community votes on features, colours etc.

I am sure this has never been done before, I think you would gain an amazing following if the community were able to assist you to build your project.

Good luck mate.


That was part of my plan, because I know I need the help, and making it a community piece of art, is a great idea to incorporate into this project.

I’m saying Thank You for suggesting that. As I like to say from a movie quote… If You Build It, They Will Come. I have alot of good ideas that can be turning points, and possibly the next big thing. However I have a vision way bigger than this, and it’s a huge turning point for all of technology and crypto. That vision isn’t on paper, or written down yet. But I will shed some insight… AI, Crypto, Metaverse, NFT’s, IoT all share a common ground. However, AI needs to be limited & regulated, for the sake of the Human Race. There’s another very important factor… Security & Privacy. I hope that gives an idea. Like I said, I need to write it down, figure out a plan to get it properly turned into reality. Not trying to get off topic, but Crypto doesn’t have to be harder than need to be. That is exactly what I’m trying to pave. Paving the way for the future, so total beginners fully understand, to make proper decisions for investments. I look at the crypto market like this… New Age Stocks. Have a wonderful day. God Bless.

Yes, haha I am a baseball player from way back. The movie is Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. Probably my favourite movie of all time.

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I’m curious to what team you played for, and what your screen name is on telegram in the groups. I would love to chat with you.

Til’D’End, only played in the local comp in Darwin Australia. When I was younger and before life got real, before it became big in Australia.

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