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Project Name
[ Everest ]

Project Type
[ MachineFi / DeFi ]

Project Description

Everest is a mobility-as-a-service platform
for on-demand, urban transportation and
logistics built on blockchain technology.
We offer users the ability to connect with
drivers and transporters seamlessly, while
processing payments with multiple
currencies including cryptocurrency and
Everest creates an ecosystem for
transportation and logistics services to
thrive and proliferate while running on a
secure and decentralized blockchain

How It Works;
Users of the Everest platform who desire to
move or move an item from point A to point B can connect with drivers at their closest possible location.
Drivers are onboarded on the platform and
can transact directly (peer-to-peer) with
users to render their services through our
application interface.
In other words, riders generate the
demand, drivers provide the supply, and
Everest enables this interaction to occur
seamlessly on a mobile application.

To offer our product at a value Everest offers the following product in our platform;

  1. Rider (Passenger) App: A mobile platform where those in need of ride-hailing/logistics services can be able to find and connect with the service providers.

  2. Driver (Service Provider) App: A mobile platform where those willing to offer rideh-ailing/logistics services can find and connect to those in need of the services.

  3. Wallet System: A custodial inbuilt wallet for deposit/withdrawal/store of users funds; this wallet gives users the ability to settle payments with crypto assets without limits to fiat only, and is in full security measures.

4.i. Admin Control (plug & use) API: This will help other platforms and businesses to be able to integrate and have access to the infrastructure to power and manage their businesses as concern mobility, by being onboarded.
ii. Off-chain Ramping API: In addition to the Admin Control, this would help other platforms/businesses access crypto-fiat payment settlement, and developers access back- end infrastructure to build and own an off- chain ramping platform.

  1. Geomining (Move2Earn): A generated algorithm enabling token minting and rewarding users for distance per time.

  2. Everest Feed: This platform will enable community growth and the spread of blockchain education.

Product value: For Users;

• Provides an easy, secure, fast and convenient way of moving and getting packages moved.
• Multiple means of payment settlement leveraging blockchain technology, making payment beyond fiat-based with crypto easy and fast in real life.
• An opportunity to spend crypto in real time for local and international services.
Would create financial inclusion within the traditional and digital markets, old and modern adults.
• Leveraging the Blockchain technology for enhanced security, efficiency and speed, transparency and traceability, reduced cost, smart execution and decentralization.
• A real-time industry platform where old and newbies can learn, connect, and be inspired to build with blockchain, which would grow the inclusion of Africans in the loTeX blockchain and ecosystem.

To loTex:

• Grow the transaction volume on the loTeX ecosystem
• Grow the Sub-saharan African reach for ioTeX ecosystem
• Add a market of millions of Africans to the loTeX ecosystem, increasing the rate of adoption by wallet opening and weekly active users
•Driving one of the biggest real-time industry inclusion by allowing our users adopt loTex blockchain

Rider Demo;

Driver Demo;

Milestone 1: POC with lotex Contract integration
• Duration: 3 Weeks
Dev Doc study
Smart Contract development
Testing and corrections
• Funds request (USD): 5,000 USD

Milestone 2: Front-End Developments and Deploy Wallet System on Iotex
• Duration: 3 Weeks
UI development and compatibility with iotex
3rd Party services/framework integrations
Listing stablecoins on the iotex Blockchain
Wallet Private testing
• Fund Request (USD): 5000 USD

Milestone 3: Deploying on testnet
• Duration: 3 Weeks
Inward test
Incentivized Community test activity
Acquiring initial marketing materials
• Fund Request (USD): 5,000 USD

Milestone 4: Admin Control Implementation & Deploying on mainnet
• Duration: 3 Weeks
Building the Administrative Control infrastructure
Building the ramping infrastructure
Public beta version launch
Awareness Event
• Fund request 10,000 USD

Milestone 5: Update Version
• Duration: 3 months
Token launch
Able to mint token based on fundamental riding data such as location and distance
Able to dispense reward token to user’s wallet
Token minting campaign launched.
100+ users onboarding.
Preparing next phase of marketing materials for acquiring 1000-5000 users
• Fund request: TBD + Co-marketing

Total funds requested
[ 25,000 USD + Co-marketing ]

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  • We commit to open source the project: [ YES | NO | Other - please specify ]

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ YES | NO ]

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [ YES | NO | N/A ]

About your Team
[ Israel Clement, Founder/CEO https://twitter.com/Israel_Ccc?t=vPj-tJ23vwq4tcPRlUgqGw&s=09 https://www.linkedin.com/in/israel-clement-355aa519a?trk=contact-info
Chukwuebuka Okoroafor Co-founder/CPO https://www.linkedin.com/in/ebuka-okoroafor-163353245?trk=contact-info
Chika Precious Dev: pre22 (Precious Chika) · GitHub
Ibrahim Dev: Baksman (Ibrahim shehu) · GitHub
Confidence Dev: ConfidenceYobo (Confidence Yobo) · GitHub ]


[10,000 minimum after launch]


[ https://www.everestxhq.com/
Everest-Community · GitHub
LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn]

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