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Web3.0 GameFi & Metaverse Aggregator

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Formless is a world leading play-to-earn and metaverse game aggregator connecting games, gamers and guilds. We are creating a free, open and fair Web3.0 gaming ecosystem, making GameFi simpler by removing barriers to entry and optimising user experience.

In aggregating GameFi, we will integrate an industry which is currently siloed, with scattered and inaccessible information. Our goal is open up blockchain gaming to the mainstream and to create a community built around our comprehensive ecosystem to facilitate seamless value exchange between gamers, games, and guilds.

GameFi Dashboard: Formless’ comprehensive, user-friendly platform has a complete suite of features such that users will have no need to go externally to find the tools to support their GameFi activities. Our products include our purpose built, non-custodial GameFi wallet; NFT marketplace; Launchpad, Social & Community Forums; GameFi rankings & metrics; and a full set of developer SDKs.

Connecting GameFi: The Formless ecosystem brings together gamers, games and guilds, allowing them to interact, socialise and share content; our comprehensive suite of feature supports seamless value exchange between these three parties. Formless takes a chain-agnostic approach, connecting users among several public chains.

Formless Community: Formless has already amassed a large network to support our GameFi ecosystem, partnered with over 200+ blockchain games, 50+ GameFi guilds and many strategic partners. We currently have 45k registered users through organization of activities with GameFi projects, distribution of early access to alpha & beta testing opportunities of our partnered games and conducting of asset sales on our Gamified launchpad. In addition, we also recently started our genesis node program in which we attracted some node communities to join our ecosystem. We are supporting the growth of a holistic GameFi community, and will use token incentives and social mining to effectively distribute value of the content economy to our ecosystem creators through usage of our leaderboards, forums and other ecosystem tools. We would like to extend our community to the IoTeX ecosystem.

Formless is hoping to get support from the IoTeX community for the approval of this grant to integrate the Formless platform with the IoTeX blockchain ecosystem and expand our network GameFi projects and community users. This would involve technical integration of our NFT marketplace, Gamified launchpad and GameFi wallet, allowing Formless to host the sale of IoTeX assets and tokens on the IoTeX blockchain as well as promote the expansion of GameFi within the IoTeX network. We would like to support this integration from community building perspective, including deeper collaborations such as community marketing events to promote our partnership and grow both of our networks of GameFi users. This relates to input into our media campaign promoting our partnership including community events, social campaigns, and input into our PR & media outreach.


Technical focused Milestones

Milestone 1: NFT Marketplace

Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
Deliverables: Integration of IOTEX into Formless NFT marketplace to support IOTEX FTs and NFTs.
Funding: $15,000

Milestone 2: Launchpad

Duration (weeks): 3 weeks
Deliverables: Integration of IOTEX into Formless launchpad to support token launch and sale on IOTEX network.
Funding: $10,000

Milestone 3: GameFi Wallet

Duration (weeks): 3 weeks
Deliverables: Integration of IOTEX into Formless GameFi wallet to support send/receive of IOTEX FTs and NFTs.
Funding: $10,000

User-acquisition focused Milestones

Milestone 4: GameFi Project Conversion to IOTEX

Duration (weeks): 6 – 8 weeks
Deliverables: Support the migration of 5 – 15 high quality, A-rated GameFi projects to the IOTEX ecosystem, leveraging our already-partnered 200+ GameFi projects. This will involve business development and operational work from Formless to raise awareness regarding the benefits of IOTEX ecosystem to our partnered GameFi projects, additional to including marketing, branding, PR and community AMAs to support this migration (YouTube, Twitter, TikTok etc.). Estimated GameFi Project Acquisition: 5 – 15 A-rated Games
Funding: $45,000

Milestone 5: Guild & Scholar Recruitment

Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
Deliverables: Formless will utilise this budget to support business development, marketing and operational activities to support conversion and raise awareness within our network 50+ GameFi guilds of the IOTEX ecosystem. We will create educational and marketing activities to support recruitment of GameFi guilds to games on the IOTEX network. We will focus primarily on Asia, Southeast Asia, North & South America. Estimated Active User acquisition: 3000+ scholars & gamers
Funding: $55,000

Milestone 6: Community Marketing Campaign

Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
Deliverables: Formless would like to support our integration into the IOTEX ecosystem with a substantial community building and marketing campaign to increase exposure to IOTEX and Formless as the leading Gamified Launchpad and GameFi aggregator on IOTEX. The budget will cover our social media marketing campaign, including working with KOLs across various outlets (YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.), PR & media posts across global media outlets and cross-community collaborations such as social media giveaways and competitions. We will use this opportunity to extend our reach further into emerging markets where play-to-earn is growing including Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. Estimated Active User acquisition: 5,000+
Funding: $65,000

Total funds requested


About your Team

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Devin Bennie (CEO)
Devin has a background in economics and traditional finance. He has founded, advised and held key roles in startups, industries including real estate, investment aggregation and e-commerce. GameFi and tokenomics specialist; Core founding member of ERA Game Studio and previous Blockchain Lead for Bad Fox Studio.

Icaros Chen (CTO)
Previously the CTO of Gentlebros, leading game design and R&D, covering NFT card gameplay, equipment card, game algorithm balance mode and others. Previously issued ONFS&ONFT series of NFT on OpenSea.

Zoie Zhang (Head of Business Development)
Zoie is a MBA graduate from Oxford University. She previously worked in Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas. Serial entrepreneur, founded and sold an e-commerce business in 2019. Zoie was previously Head of Huobi Technology’s China Market MIC.

Ben Noskov (CMO)
Ben is a seasoned expert in growth hacking, content marketing, social media management and growth marketing. He has years of experience in the crypto, eSports and digital marketing industry, having previously worked at Aavegotchi, Radio Caca, Decentraweb and TrustSwap.


Formless will be able to bring GameFi projects, active gamers and marketing exposure to the IoTeX ecosystem. We expect to bring 8000+ active gamers, assist in the integration of 5 - 15 A-rated GameFi projects and exposure to over 30,000+ users through marketing.


Website: https://formless.me/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/formlessgamefi
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @formless_official

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