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Integrate IoTex with Forward Factory

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Forward Protocol is WordPress of Web3.0. Users with zero technical knowledge can build and deploy full-stack dApps and blockchain in very little time and minimum cost involved with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop no-code interface. These dApps can be deployed directly to IoTex. Forward has an open marketplace where developers can build or upload their templates and set their own fees and monetization structure.

Forward’s aim and final deliverables are getting more dApp deployments and usage on IoTex through the use of the Forward Factory.

We currently have 38k Twitter followers, 10.3k Telegram members, 15k Facebook followers, 618 Medium followers, 1365 Discord members and 5.53k YouTube subscribers. We are also affiliated with different media outlets like Cryptopolitan which has 1.4m traffic and over 100k+ social audiences. KEY Difference Media is one of the oldest blockchain marketing agencies founded by Mr. KEY, our co-founder, who has 90+ LinkedIn recommendations and 25,000+ Top Tier Global Connections is also involved in pushing the user growth of the ecosystem.

  • Forward Social Media: Marketing campaign using all channels.
    • Social promotions
      • Organic Growth
      • Paid ads
    • PR articles and content marketing with videos and blog posts
    • AMAs with partners and unique guests
    • Binance Live - Cast of users speaking about their use case and deploying their dApps with screen sharing
  • IoTex Partnership: Co-marketing activities with IoTex on which users can deploy their full-stack dApps.
    • Twitter posts & RT from IoTex to their community,
    • PR articles & blog posts on IoTex channels,
    • AMA through IoTex channels
  • Start Affiliate Marketing Campaign
    • Using https://magic.store/ platform and their affiliate network for onboarding the first 40,000 users (under pay per acquisition contract with KPIs of dApp deployment, front end design and usage metrics)
  • List Forward on product directories: For on-boarding early-adopters and product-feedback diversity.
    • AppSumo (Lifetime deal offered with discounted fees)
    • BlockData
    • Product Hunt (Promoting to be in Top 3 with ProductHunt growth marketing agency)
  • Use publications channels:
    • Traditional PR channels and Crypto PR channels
    • Cryptopolitan (Media Partner)
    • Bitcoin.com (Investor)
    • Binance Live (Publisher)
  • Run contests:
    • UI contest, I.E. who can build the best front-end UI design using Forward
    • Giveaways, I.E. Record and post a video while using Forward Factory
    • Bug bounties, I.E. Be rewarded for finding bugs on Forward
  • Hackathons:
    • Developer hackathons with Dubai Blockchain Center, Jordan Web3 are discussed. We are adding more hackathon partners to conduct to grow the developer base and templates.
      • Open to co-hosting hackathons with IoTex developers. (physical and online/ virtual events)
    • Business hackathons for business owners to come up with business ideas and use the Factory to bring it to life after learning the benefits of blockchain for their businesses.
  • Engage with Developer communities:
    • Build partnerships with current Dev communities and use their platform to promote the usage of Forward
      • ConsenSys developers
      • Alchemy University developers
      • LearnWeb3DAO
      • WomanBuildWeb3
      • useWeb3
      • BuildSpace
      • DeveloperDAO
      • Web3 University
      • Surge Woman
      • H.E.R DAO
      • Pointer
      • Web3 Career
      • Social Media Developer Influencers
        • Julien Klepatch
        • Austin Griffith
        • Patrick Collins
        • Nader Dabit
        • Vitto Rivabella

Forward is a free-standing web application and not deployed to any network but allows users to easily deploy full-stack dApps to IoTex or any EVM and Rust compatible chains.

Website: https://forwardprotocol.io/

As Forward is currently in Public Alpha, we are always keen on any co-marketing activities, funding/ incentives, Dev communities, co-hosting hackathons and intro’s to projects such as, but not limited to:

  • Co-marketing activities:
  • Funding/ incentives:
    • Funding to help Forward release more features faster to our no-code solution.
    • Incentives which can be dropped to developers uploading templates to the Marketplace or to incentivize end-users to deploy dApps to IoTex.
  • Dev communities:
    • Introduction to IoTex’s developer communities to showcase how easy it is to deploy a dApp and illustrate the potential benefits of Forward which also allows developers to monetize their code by uploading it to the Marketplace for end-users to deploy.
  • Co-hosting hackathons:
    • Forward is also keen to collaborate on co-hosting a hackathon with IoTex where the hackathon could be aimed at the current focus of IoTex. For example, the hackathon could be aimed at DeFi where developers would build and deploy their MVP’s through Forward directly to IoTex and the winners could be decided on which is the most innovative DeFi dApp.
  • Intro’s to IoTex ecosystem dApp’s:
    • Forward is always keen to collaborate with different types of projects. These projects could potentially be integrated into Forward as third party services. Composable projects are also a good fit because developers could build templates to directly integrate with the existing project or dApp.


  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 12 weeks
    • Deliverables: Forward will have 28,000 users and at least 140 dApp deployments on IoTex. We will provide MONTHLY updates on the 1st of every month showing the current stats. Verified on-chain, API will return list of dApp contract addresses on call, we provide monthly report of the same ourselves in addition.
    • Funds requested: $10 000
  • Milestone 2:
    • Duration (weeks): 12 weeks
    • Deliverables: Forward will have 840 developers uploading templates to the Marketplace and at least 35 unique template deployments on IoTex. We will provide MONTHLY updates on the 1st of every month showing the current stats. Verified by logging into the Forward Factory as a user/developer to see the templates in the Marketplace. API will be available to verify on-demand as well.
    • Funds requested: $10 000
  • Milestone 3:
    • Duration (weeks): 12 weeks
    • Deliverables: Forward Marketplace will grow from 12 templates to having 105 templates and dApp usage metrics on IoTex will be at least 5,000 transactions. We will provide MONTHLY updates on the 1st of every month showing the current stats. Verified on-chain on the respective dApp contract addresses. Can be verified using any 3rd party analytics tools on combined activities of the contracts deployed through the factory. Forward API can also on-demand confirm the data.
    • Funds requested: $10 000
  • Milestone 4:
    • Duration (weeks): 20 weeks
    • Deliverables: Forward will have cross-language (Solidity, RUST, GO, Python) auto-conversion. Can be verified by using the Forward Factory and uploading smart contract coded in any of those languages.
    • Funds requested: $10 000
  • Milestone 5:
    • Duration (weeks): 16 weeks
    • Deliverables: Forward’s affiliation system will be integrated. Can be verified within the Forward application.
    • Funds requested: $10 000
  • Milestone 6:
    • Duration (weeks): 16 weeks
    • Deliverables: The EIP 2535 (Diamond Contract Deployment) will be integrated. Can be verified by editing and updating contract template functions within the Forward Factory.
    • Funds requested: $10 000

Total funds requested

$60 000

Please checkmark the following if you agree

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  • We commit to open source the project: [ YES | NO | :white_check_mark:Other - please specify ]
    Forward will be open-sourced once fully launched.

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ YES | :white_check_mark:NO ]

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [ YES | NO | :white_check_mark:N/A ]

About your Team

Mitch Rankin - Co Founder - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitchrankin/
Mitch Rankin, is an entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience working with international investors. Co-founder English Forward, world’s largest Learn English community with 310+ million users.

Karnika E. Yashwant - Co Founder - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrkey/
Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) has been in the Blockchain space since 2013, founder of KEY Difference Media (KDM), the backbone to five of the top twenty blockchain marketing agencies, many US (SF/LA) based public relations (PR) & marketing firms. KDM has had clients such as CISCO, AJC, Fortune 100, eToro, ledger, and Verizon Media. (recommendations can be seen here https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrkey/) Mr. KEY is the ex-CTO of the NewsBTC Media Group (NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, LiveBitcoinNews, etc). He takes pleasure in 16 years of Content Marketing track record and 550m+ raised in ICO’s for various clients with a hybrid of technical, business and marketing experience.

Billy Weir - CTO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/billy-weir-79b89a46
Billy Weir is Ex-Facebook and has expertise in Software Development and Engineering, Project Management, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, and experience in multiple niche sectors including Software development for Automation, AI, Adversarial networks, Data Science, Cryptography and many others.


Number of users: 500+
Number of transactions: 50 000+


Demo Video of how Forward currently works and looks: DocSend
Deck: DocSend
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.forwardprotocol.io/
Linktree: Forward Protocol | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forwardprotocol

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