[Seeking-Feedback]General Power Outlet smart IOT adapter for W3bstream

Project Name

General Power Outlet smart IOT adapter for W3bstream

Project Type

New IoT Devices

Proposal Description

Turn any powered ‘dumb’ machine into a W3bstream IOT secure data provider. This IOT power adapter bridges the gap in device energy consumption monitoring and has been the subject of scholarly articles (including IEEE) for nearly a decade. Pebble Tracker paved the way for data security and with W3bstream this device moves from the future to now.

There is no need to be a Developer to use this adapter. The device is almost ‘plug and play’ with connection to the web over standard Wi-Fi to enable every home and business to easily and cheaply funnel data via W3bstream to IoTeX and other EVM compatible blockchains.

To W3bstream data from the device:

  • 2 seconds - Plug into wall outlet (like a double adapter)
  • 2 seconds - Plug your device into the adapter (like a PC, TV, washing machine)
  • 2 minutes - Connect to Wi-Fi (like you would with a TV, mobile phone or tablet)
  • 2 minutes - Register you device ID on the MachineFi portal (like with a Pebble Tracker)

Then you can view your live data on the MachineFi backend or via DApps
Contribute your data (if you wish) to decentralized applications (DApps) for monetization.

What data will the IOT adapter provide W3bstream?

1.KW/hr usage; 2.Time in use; 3.Temperature; 4.Location. 5.Amps

Additional circuit board pins may be added with a view to future sensor upgrades.

Isn’t there existing devices that measure power usage from general power outlets?

Yes, there is. However, they do not have a secure element to provide trusted data or firmware geared towards MachineFi.

With an increasing focus on power consumption, conservation and renewable energy the use cases are very broad however below are ideas for Developers on how they might apply smart contracts and tokenization to the trusted data provided by this device:

  1. Device logged hours of use
    Data can be harvested on appliance use time which is shown by the time the appliance has had power flowing to it. Smart contracts could call for maintenance at ‘X’ intervals. Further to this after ‘X’ hours when a machine would typically be at the end of its useful life, owners who have opted in to received advertising will receive adverts for replacement appliances and be paid to receive these ads. Discounts may be offered as sweeteners.
    ‘Consume to earn.’

  2. Identify carbon footprint
    A) Determine which devices are heavier on power and at what time of day. Smart contracts can encourage reduced use or off peak use for a reward ‘Conserve to earn’.
    B) Data from the device can help business be accountable for green compliance for shareholder reporting and meeting energy targets. Audit firms can match electrical drawings showing the number of power outlets in a building with IOT power adapter numbers and GPS location and from the device output determine total power draw and if a business is complying.

  3. Identify energy theft
    Match power invoices (energy input) with verified output from power outlets to look for discrepancies. Note the IOT power adapter will not provide the full picture… yet. In-line hardwired IOT consumption meters for appliances such as ovens are still to occur to give the full picture. ‘Verify and save’.

  4. Crypto mining and server farms
    Use the IOT adapter to report on verified energy consumption between two dates and compare this with proof of green energy certification (input) to ease fears of crypto mining pollution. ‘Proof of Green credentialing’.
    Also, use the temperature monitor on the IOT power adapter to ensure the server room temperature is kept in an optimum cool range to preserve machinery functions. Set up alerts when the degrees reach above ‘X’ temperature. Reward Node providers for low energy consumption and for keeping the servers at optimal temperature to ensure up time. ‘Perform to earn’.

  5. Opt-in data sharing (decentralized data pools)
    Contribute to a world-wide database of home and business power consumption at various times of day and using various appliances. This would be a valuable window to global energy consumption and could be sold to power providers, governments and appliance manufactures. These institutions may offer incentives for consumers to change use patterns. Governments may also offer incentives to appliance manufacturers to cut the energy rating of high use power items. ‘Tokenized and coupon incentives for data sharing.’

  6. Consumer energy rating verification
    With the IOT Power Adapter consumers can verify in the real world that the energy rating on an electrical appliance is accurate and provide feedback to the manufacture and relevant government bodies. A DApp collecting this information could reward data suppliers with tokens when a pool of verified data is sold to a manufacturer / government body. ‘Verify to earn’.

  7. Energy quality testing
    Supply fluctuations in voltage (spikes and sags) can cause appliance damage if the voltage is generally under or over 10% of the intended amount. This can happen in rural communities or even within a household when heavy volt-drawing appliances connect such as when Uncle hooks up a welder and the lights flicker. Data showing energy supply issues (spikes and sags) would be invaluable to companies who supply home and business power solutions such as battery installers and solar panel suppliers = a pin-pointed target market. ‘Test to earn’.

  8. Neighbor energy swaps
    There is the potential where households have their own battery power supply charged by solar or wind etc. that an energy swap scheme may be started with neighbors who have cables between properties. This swap would be trust-less and controlled by a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation fed with trusted power consumption data from devices such as the IOT power adapter. When one neighbor has ‘over-used’ their own supply their neighbor’s unit could automatically transfer power and tokenized credits exchanged.
    ‘Swap to earn’.

IOTEX Halo grant tie-ins:

Data from the device may also be of use to users of Mr. iChristwin’s IoTeX Switch Electric pre-paid meters in Nigeria to conserve clean energy and monitor household device outputs.

The crew at enviroBLOQ may want to use data feeds from this device to supplement their total home data collation.

Possibilities for the verifiable data to be used by Perkable to air-drop location based-NFT’s to reward ‘good behaviour’ in reducing energy consumption.

Some of the devices the IOT Power adapter could monitor are:
Washing machines, dryers, battery charge points for mobile phones, robots (Ie. Vacuum cleaners etc), kettle, toasters, dishwashers, refrigerators, televisions, electric clocks, lamps, garage door openers, coffee machines, coffee grinders, personal computers, servers, external data drives, general usage power outlets for power tools and ‘pack away’ appliances…

Tech stuff
While the initial roll out would be targeted to various regions due to cost the plan is to cover the planet with 15 different wall plug types for worldwide connectivity.

A tamper proof Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is at the center of the verifiable data in this device. The device will feed volt, temperature, load and GPS data etc. via IoTeX W3bstream to all compatible chains enabling use cases on other major crypto platforms.

The initial stage of the project will determine components and supply chain pathways for the most available ARM enabled hardware to create the TEE (Nordic Semiconductor and others) in consideration of supply constraints. Happy to discuss the proposed secure element set-up with the IOTEX ‘techsperts’ to ensure it meets their definition of ‘secure and tamper proof’ and hear of any lessons learned in the Pebble Tracker roll out.

Project time-frame
The release of this device to market needs to be directed properly to ensure it meets trust and privacy requirements, longevity of the device with quality parts, safety for the user and compliance with various legislation requirements in multiple countries. On current projections this will realistically take 18 months to finalize so the device is ready for manufacture and shipping.

The grant will not extend to cover manufacturing.
In order to fund the manufacturing it is proposed for this to be a chance for the IoTeX Community to share in profits per batch of device orders where contributors would receive 90% of profits proportional to their contribution. A partnership of IoTeX, Community & Enterprise (Entrepreneurship)

Verify. The profits percentage would be verified by a major reputable international accounting firm and the certification posted online for community proof that 90% of the contributed profit pool will go back to contributors. The 90% pool of profits would be distributed by a smart contract on the IoTeX blockchain where profits are paid proportionally to the amount people have contributed and would include their original capital. (Returned to the same Web 3 wallet addresses).

The remaining 10% is for self-funding further production of the Power Adapter versions and development of other new IOT devices for MachineFi. Part of this 10% would also be used to send free adapters to very low-income areas (with electricity), possibly schools, to help provide a world-wide data picture and potentially leading to local use cases that create passive income for people in these areas.

It is to be determined, but ideally, contributors could use either the IoTeX token or an Iopay stable coin to contribute. This idea may introduce market volatility risk and some loss with converting to fiat to pay suppliers (and then back again from fiat to IoTeX to pay profits to contributors), however, it offers a clear advantage of enabling contributors to use staking earnings without dipping into their bank account and creates IoTeX ecosystem usage.

Part of the design process will be to try to keep the saleable device as far as possible under $100 US. The current plan is also to allow for payment of the finished power adapter by using the IoTeX token or an Iopay stable coin to make buying easy for the community and maybe have discounts for MachineFi NFT holders. This will require further research as it may be too time consuming / risky matching postage addresses to send the adapters with online transaction payment hashes. Solutions to this will need to be looked into further & community input sought perhaps with voting on options on the IoTeX Community portal (this one).


As noted the whole design and approval process will take about a year and a half. To ensure all aspects for project delivery are covered and in a liner time-frame it is proposed to engage a professional business with end to end experience in delivering new IOT devices (see link below) to work on this full-time guided by Project Manager Rod Bradbury to fulfill the vision outlined above. Check out the Boost website where many freshly produced IOT devices are shown… lacking a secure element and blockchain connectivity. (Wink-wink). https://boostdesign.com.au

The costs outlined are for the business to conduct the legalities, research, manufacturing prototypes, testing etc on the way to a manufacture template. The following payment idea is for further discussion with MachineFi Lab however for the sake of cost transparency and reducing cost risk to IoTeX, it is proposed to set up an agreement for the IoTeX foundation to pay the business direct so they can see the invoices and to provide my project management and design time for nothing over the whole design and delivery period in order that I may have the rights to manufacture and ship the successful device at the end of the process.

  • Milestone 1
  • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
  • Deliverables: Report: mapping process, risks, freedom to operate searches, regulations and certifications in sale regions, legal reviews, cost and availability of parts, feasibility of delivery and tighter programming of time-frames.
  • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
  • Milestone 2
  • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
  • Deliverables: Proof of concept: Design concept sketches, selecting parts and a ‘loose’ wire-up for a bench top test showing proof that the device concept will function as required.
  • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
  • Milestone 3
  • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
  • Deliverables: Custom electronics and housing design.
  • Funds request (USD): 30,000 USD
  • Milestone 4
  • Duration (weeks): 32 weeks
  • Deliverables: Functional prototype: A high quality and extremely limited production for field-testing.
  • Funds request (USD): 90,000 USD
  • Milestone 5
  • Duration (weeks): 12-20 weeks
  • Deliverables: Tooling of injection mould cast for mass production and obtaining certifications for regions for sale. The regions for sale will be limited by how far the budget for this item extends.
  • Funds request (USD): 40,000 USD

Total funds requested

[ Total Funding amount requested = 200,000 USD ]

Please checkmark the following if you agree

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  • We commit to open source the project: [ NO ]

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ YES ] Already have staked a substantial amount.

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: ** N/A there is no new associated coin ]**

About your Team

Boost Design team coordinated by:
Entrepreneur - Rod Bradbury (Part of the IoTeX Community)
15 years of Project Management experience from video production to $ multi-million commercial construction (currently). Years of experience in procurement, large fleet management (inc. coordinating the installation of IOT devices in-vehicle) and home maintenance hire & repair (good knowledge for future robot work forces. Wink-wink). I’ve been around IoTeX for years watching the future unfold and have a fair bit of skin in the game with IoTeX, IoTeX Punks, IoTeX Shiba and IoTeX Web3 Domains.


Aiming to get this device to market as far under $100 US as is practical to help with uptake.

5000-10,000 device sales & connections to W3bstream should be easily achieved within the IoTeX OG’s on device release. It’s a way of easily participating in the trusted IOT revolution.

10,000 -100,000 device sales & connections will ramp up quickly on further exposure and with increasing DApps using the streamed data.

More… If every household and business used the adapter to monitor just one appliance… you can see how huge this can get and the massive data pool it would generate.

So much potential. Just the beginning.


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Great list of potential use cases. It really is an immense market waiting to be developed. And nice tease / carrot for enviroBLOQ, SwitchElectric, and Perkable. It would be great if any/all came to pass.

Thanks for your early support, Marcos! Let’s see what 2023 brings! :robot: