[Seeking Feedback] Grindery DePay Integration w/ IoTex ioPay Wallet

Proposal details

Project Details

Grindery (BinanceLabs S4 startup) is building the Zapier for Web3, a low-/no-code middleware for Web3, where:

  • end-users can easily configure their own integration without code
  • developers can create integration (plug-in, boosts) as self-standing dApps
  • dApp owners can launch and operate integrations.

Since its formation in the beginning of 2022, we have assembled a team of talented developers and serial entrepreneurs to build Grindery - the Zapier of web3. As a BinanceLabs Season 4 incubation startup, we received funding from the following investors: JSquare Capital, ANKR, Dharmesh Shah (Founder & CTO of Hubspot), Perridon Holdings, MH Ventures, Harmony, Algorand, Near, Flow, Cronos and more.

We are in the prototype stage for our Grindery Nexus dApp which is composed of 10+ blockchains integrations, 250+ dApps integrations, and 20+ apps - centered around messaging, spreadsheets, CRMs, etc. with a launch date by the end of 2022. However, we have been building on our early user-facing applications and are continuously rolling out integrations/workflows for early adopters to iterate with user feedback, such as our GrinderyPay extension - a chrome tool for mass payouts, GrinderyPing - a notification service for wallet activity.

We wish to expand our operability and coverage on ioPay and seek to solve the immense number of use cases and integrations with Grindery’s dedicated team.

Project Type

Infrastructure / Payments / DAO tooling

Proposal Description

Integrating with IoTeX and allow users on ioPay to prepay for gas using their tokens in the ioPay wallet/treasury - giving users the ability to lock them into a price predictability pattern. This will allow ioPay users to pay for web2 app services and web3 dAPP services in ioPay.


  • Milestone 1: Integrating with IoTeX
    1.1 Detection:
    Deploy and integrate with the IoTeX protocol to establish the ability to detect blockchain events and triggers.
    1.2 Specific Automation:
    Ability to add one automated integration with a single web2 app (e.g. GSheets) and IoTeX network.
    1.3 General Automation:
    Ability to allow other developers to deploy additional automated integrations/workflows with any other SaaS/Web2 app.
    1.4 Prototype Framework:
    Framework V0.1 with centralized smart contract automator and Grindery Nexus abstraction layer. All code will be released as open-source and allows each component to continue as a separate yet synergetic initiative.

    • Duration (weeks): 3 months
    • Deliverables: Successful integration IoTeX
    • Funds request (USD): 50,000 USD
  • Milestone 2: DePay Solution
    Payments (for gas) should be as simple as credit/debit card payments in the SaaS space: users can fund their cards in any local currency (USD, Euro, MX, …) and the provider receives the payment in their local currency (USD, Euro, MX, …). Neither customers nor providers need to worry about each other’s preferred currencies. This could be achieved on blockchains the following way:

Allowing users to deposit gas tokens into gas pools (smart contracts) on every supported blockchain from their wallet/treasury.

Reflecting this deposit on a central payment chain by minting pool tokens that represent the users deposit as a share in the aggregated value of all gas pools on all chains.
Allow selected smart contracts to receive gas tokens from any gas pool on any supported blockchain on behalf of the user within the limit of pool tokens owned by the user.
Reflecting the gas token withdrawal by burning the corresponding amount of pool tokens on the central payment chain.

  • Duration (weeks): 3 months
  • Deliverables: A user will be able to pay for any web2 or web3 services by depositing tokens from the ioPay Wallet into a gas pool on a payment chain - essentially the user tops-up gas credits while locking-in the gas price. This triggers the minting of the respective token/currency that the app/dApp provider accepts. The mechanism shall be regulated by a smart contract and can even be extended to allow regular deductions of gas pool credits from the user, processing subscription payments for web2/3 services similar to regular direct debit payments.
  • Funds request (USD): 100,000 USD

Total funds requested

150,000 USD

Use of funds:
20% for team
40% development/developers
20% marketing and community building
20% margin of safety

Please checkmark the following if you agree

Although these options are not mandatory, please consider committing to them for the greater benefit of the IoTeX ecosystem.

  • We commit to open source the project: [ YES ]

  • We commit to stake [ 2.5 million ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ YES ]

About your Team

Tim Delhaes: CEO/Product
Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has built, sold, and crashed multiple start-ups in South America and Silicon Valley. Over the last eight years, Tim has also led the journey of the agency group called Inboundlabs from a three-person team to a leading HubSpot partner with over 500 customers.

Joe Hu: Full Stack Dev
Joe has been a professional full-stack developer for more than 10 years. He started working with Tim and Christian at InboundLabs from the beginning of its operations. Joe has massive experience on building sites and custom integrations on HubSpot. He loves solving problems and working on code.

Egor Milyukov: Full Stack Dev
35 year old full stack developer with 11 years of development experience. He has worked with Tim and the Grindery team since 2019. In the most recent couple of months, Egor has been working on more of the front-end of Grindery integrations.

Jin GuangZe: Full Stack Dev
Jin GuangZe is an experienced full-stack developer with rich experience on Ethereum, Yield Farming, Smart Contracts, DeFi, and in the NFT marketplace.

David Semakula: Lead Developer
David Semakula is an experienced full-stack developer working with grindery.io on all things web3 and integrations.


Website: grindery.io


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Hi @Grizzily, do you have any feedback for us? What are the next steps?

We would be excited to build on IoTeX as we believe this can create a lot of value for the community and ecosystem :slight_smile: