[Seeking-Feedback][Groverse Tech-Blockchain meets renewable energy

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Project Name

[Groverse Tech]

Project Type

[ New DApp, New IoT Devices ]

Technical design for Groverse working system

Proposal Description

[ Groverse is building an inclusive technology that provide clean energy leveraging blockchain technology to reward our users.
Groverse is providing access to affordable clean and renewable energy through our unique solar system that rewarding users for adopting product inclined with SDG7 &SDG 13.
Like every other ground breaking project on the IOTEX ecosystem Groverse would grow the ecosystem in the following way:

  1. Increase the adoption of IOTEX blockchain to provide solution to real life problem.
  2. increase the number of wallet opened on the IOTEX Blockchain
  3. Increase the total Weekly and monthly active users on IOTEX blockchain.
    (WAUs and MAUs are considered to b wallet with more than one transaction during the timeframe)
  4. Increasing the number of real life utility project on the IOTEX ecosystem hence bringing growth to the ecosystem.

To our users and community members:

  1. we ae offering the opportunity to access affordable clean energy
  2. Ability to earn from their power supply
  3. Ability to join the UN in supporting SDG7 and SDG13 sustainable goals.
  4. An experience to spend their crypto holding to purchase renewable energy product in real time.
  5. Special reward for holding the GROVE token.
    The organic growth of Groverse will be driven by the tokenized Rewards paid to users, vendors, node. Every user will earn base Groverse token rewards for up to one Groverse device in users home, and vendors would earn rebate on every renwwable energy product sold on the Groverse marketplace.
  • 1 $Grove/100KWh for basic plan users
  • 2 $Grove/100KWh for Premium plan users
  • 10% discount for users who makes purchases of renewable energy product from Groverse marketplace.
  • 10% rebate for vendors selling renewable energy product on the Groverse marketplace and accepting the Grove token as a means of payment.
  • Financing model to users who want to make payment installmentally (IN BIT) by using some IOTEX token as collateral.


[ Split your project into milestones: each one must have its own verifiable deliverables]

  • Milestone 1: Functional MVP
    • Duration (month): 2 month
  1. Product design and management completion
  2. Groverse wallet/app development
  3. Mining Smart contract Development
  4. IOTEX blockchain intergratation
  5. Launching Groverse alpha product( Alpha product include limited version and numbers of the Groverse solar system )
  • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 2: Testnet rollout
    • Duration (month): 1 month
      1.Community development
      2. Partnership
      3.Public Testnet Launch
      4. Launching zGrove (Groverse Testnet token) to reward testnet users
  • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
  • Milestone 3: Mainnet launch
    • Duration (month): 2 month
  1. Production of Groverse unique solar power unit (this would consist of solar panel, battery and inverter
  2. Software available for the public to access
  3. Deployment of Groverse Token (Grove)
  4. Airdrop of Grove token to all beta tester holding zGrove
  5. Sales of Groverse product
  • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 4: Marketing and Fundraising
    • Duration (month): 2 month
  1. Community development; Growing Groverse community to 5000
  2. Increasing sale of Groverse product by over 1000 sale of unit
  3. Increasing wallet opening on the iotex chain by 1000
  4. Presale Launch; launching the groverse token into the market by presale to make holders/ airdroppers trade their token, and be able to use it for purchase on the groverse marketplace
  5. Launching Groverse Marketplace.
  • Funds request (USD): 15,000 USD

Total funds requested

Please checkmark the following if you agree

Although these options are not mandatory, please consider committing to them for the greater benefit of the IoTeX ecosystem.

  • We commit to open source the project: NO

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: NO

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: YES, when we launch our token.

About your Team

Bethel Obi: CEO and Co-founder Groverse Tech.
Ronald Winter: COO and Co-Founder
Divinegift A. Soetan: Co-founder and Lead Business development manager
Elijah Kolawole: Co-Founder and CTO
Iliasu Yakubu Quality control officer and advisor, Web 3 Community developer, Blockchain content Creator

Our team are made up from expert in the energy industry, climate change, climate


Captivating 20% of an obtainable market of 795,049 people in a region is enough metric to grow Iotex Africa communtiy by over 100% in the Africa region.
Growing IOTEX to be hub of machineFI in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Groverse Tech Website
Groverse Tech on Linkedin
Groverse Tech on twitter
Groverse Tech on meduim
Groverse Tech on Instagram

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This is a great concept, I am an iotexan through and through and I have said it before in our tg. Hello grant applications need to show support to the iotex ecosystem and community, we vote for these applications but the community is not receiving any benefit for their support.

The only way Iotex community received benefit for their support is when projects Stake with Iotex delegate program and community staked with their delegate, reduced supply and encourage a better price.

Why are you not becoming a delegate or staking with Iotex?


It is a great concept, just imagining the kind of result the kind of the proposal is mind blowing…nice


Maybe we van benefits from the data they generate?


This project is funnelled to a specific part of Africa, I am an in Australia so i as many others will not be able to participate anyway.

I do see if payments were to be made using Iotex only mass adoption would happen quick smart, but that would just cause a barrier for uptake by consumers.

Good luck, you got my vote too :+1:t5:

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Hi, @Til75 Thanks for this great input to show your dedication into our project.
And to answer your question, Groverse Tech team is dedicated to donate some percentage of our token to the Foundation to support other MarchineFI project on the ecosystem.
This is more validating to us that the staking measures, but we are still open to innovative ideas from the community. thanks.


100% interested
This is a great projects

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@Gopinath This is one that we have considered, we will be amassing data from each user relative to power consumption immediately and over time. We could and should maintain regular contact with our customers as well. This would allow us to send them questionnaires from time to tine that would allow us to collect other information that might be of immediate value to us, our business partners, or vendors in our network of retailers that are using the GroveCoin.

Did you have any particular information that you thought would be particularly interesting to the IoTeX community? Again as stated, we are open to all ideas if they improve the quality of our product or customer experience, and if it brings more interest in the IoTeX blockchain, systems, and or community. Thats value we can all benefit from.


Thank you for the comment. You raised an excellent point, we are initially focused on launching in Nigeria for a couple of reasons among which is most of the principal members of our team are in Nigeria.

The electricity situation in Nigeria can be described as dire, as the country faces frequent power outages, known locally as “blackouts,” and struggles to meet the electricity needs of its growing population. Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people, making it the most populous country in Africa, but its electricity generation capacity is relatively low, with an installed capacity of around 13,000 megawatts (MW).

Due to a variety of factors, including inadequate investment in the power sector, poor infrastructure, and a lack of maintenance and upgrades, Nigeria’s electricity supply is often unreliable and insufficient to meet demand. As a result, many Nigerians rely on generators or other alternative sources of power, which can be expensive and environmentally damaging.

There are also regulatory issues to consider and we have already been working to get those issues cleared for a launch in Nigeria. We will be looking for other similar situations where there is significant populations with limited or no access to clean and reliable electricity. Australia would be a good candidate, as there are potentially many wild and nearly wild areas where grid services simply are not available.

As for opportunities to benefit from the program, aside from being a consumer of our products and services, investment in our coin and / or direct investment offers opportunity for healthy returns.


Great one @ronlwinter.

Looking forward to the launch of this project soon :rocket::rocket:

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