[Seeking feedback]Healthree: a Blockchain based Global Health Initiative

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Healthree: a Blockchain based Global Health Initiative

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New DApp, NFT project and Health utility provider

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Inactivity is the 4th leading cause of death worldwide and despite decades of public health interventions it continues to be the leading cause of preventable deaths.

Healthree is pioneering the use of blockchain technology and Web 3 to provide a novel motivation mechanism for healthy living. Our live-to-earn model incentivises a wide variety of healthy lifestyle behaviours focussing on physical activity, but including other aspects such as sleep and mindfulness.

We have a three-pronged approach to tackle this problem: financial motivation, gamification and education.

To reward users for healthy habits, we are partnering with HealthBlocks, an IoTeX based live-to-earn company that uses data from fitness wearables.

Healthree is building a collection of evolving NFTs acting as digital health avatars, reflecting the current state of their health metrics. As a user becomes healthier, so too does their digital avatar. This has a double benefit to the user - it both gamifies the HealthBlocks app, and it will increase the financial value of the NFT through the development of rarer traits. Gamification has been proven to increase user engagement and retention - both issues that need to be addressed in tackling inactivity. Yet perhaps more importantly, financial rewards are known to be the most effective tool to motivate human behavioural change overall.

The second and more vital aspect of Healthree’s mission is to build a marketplace app for health and fitness services, ranging from on demand exercise routines to personalised nutrition plans and telemedicine. Users will never have to pay fiat currency for these services - it is all paid in the tokens they earn through healthy living.

We want to be at the forefront of building useful and tangible utility for Web 3 and we believe that preventative healthcare is one of the best utilities that can be offered. There is vast health inequality in the world - this is our solution to reduce it. It is also vital to provide Web 3 projects with utility to keep tokens in circulation within an ecosystem to minimise tokens being exchanged for fiat currency where possible. This stabilises tokenomics and reduces the risk of token price crashes should supply outstretch demand.

We believe that IoTeX is the most suitable chain to be using due to its low transaction cost and high speed - crucial as we will be having many changes of state of the NFT and do not want gas fees to be a barrier to adoption. In addition we are working with several hardware companies in the MedTech field to integrate medical devices with blockchain - yet again, IoTeX is the obvious choice.

As a team of doctors we are passionate about empowering users to regain agency over the health. We believe strongly in the power of education to change behaviour and habits, and as such this will be incorporated into the app.

The size of this opportunity is vast. Never before has there been such a need on a global scale for personalised motivation. 6.65 billion people have a smartphone worldwide. We are providing them with a revenue stream in exchange for their becoming healthier. Through Healthree’s connections in the worlds of blockchain, professional sport and medicine we are confident that as we grow we can reach 100s of millions of users.


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Milestone 1:
Develop NFT smart contracts, evolution mechanism
Duration: 2 months
Cost: $25000

Milestone 2:
Develop minting portal and NFT marketplace within HealthBlocks app
Duration: 2 months
Cost: 0, as fronted by HealthBlocks

Milestone 3:
Complete artwork for first collection of c. 1000 evolving images for sale in HealthBlocks app. These NFTs will be the first of the on-demand minting within the HealthBlocks / IoTeX ecosystem. As the number of HealthBlocks users grows, so too will the number of NFTs we will allow to circulate.
Duration: 2 months, process occurring concurrently with development of smart contracts
Cost: $5000

Milestone 4:
Launch IoTeX / HealthBlocks initial in-app collection

Milestone 5:
Develop images for first ethereum collection. 10000 sets of evolving images. The evolution mechanism will still be occuring on IoTeX through the HealthBlocks app. Ethereum NFT holders will be airdropped the evolving NFTs to their IOPay wallet and funnelled towards Healthblocks app to be able to evolve their NFTs in the same way as the original IoTeX NFTs.
Duration: 2 months
Cost: $30000

Milestone 6:
Market and sell out Ethereum collection
Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: $40000

Milestone 7:
Build health service marketplace using funds raised from NFT sales
Duration: 6 months
Cost: tbc, not being applied for as will be self funded from proceeds.

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Team of doctors from the University of Cambridge with a background spanning ex-professional sport, med tech, surgery and medical education.


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In order to sell our NFTs within the HealthBlocks marketplace we will be using our marketing resources to directly promote the HealthBlocks app. With funding, we are hoping to bring an average of an additional 10000 HealthBlocks users per month in the first 6 months, both as direct downloads and funnelled from ethereum. As Healthree gains momentum we of course want to see this grow. The move-to-earn space is growing rapidly - for instance Sweatcoin now boasts over 50million users. It is therefore not inconceivable that Healthree and HealthBlocks users could reach and / or exceed this.


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Website currently under construction. Will post a link as soon as live.

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