[Seeking Feedback] ioPay Multi-chain Wallet Feedback

Hi IoTeX Community!

We would love to hear your feedback on ioPay 2.0 (our multi-chain wallet)!
If you don’t already have ioPay you can get it at this link: https://iopay.me/

Our products are designed for our community so we take all user feedback very seriously!

Please discuss your feedback and ideas for ioPay below.


Lead Product Manager



Hi kindly forward this idea to iopay developer


Hi kindly forward this one to iopay dev.
This is for discover tap idea. For me its feels like more mixed with other chain.



Notating some of the things we’ve discussed:

-Activities Tab: Needs to show all transactions. Currently doesn’t show when new IOTX are received, when an NFT is sold, when tokens are swapped, etc. Older versions of ioPay had a tab that showed just about everything, but that got dropped off at some point. All I see in my activities are when I claim rewards from a DApp like IoTexPunks, etc.

-Visual on Prices: Very hard to see current token price and ‘Staked’ amount in ioPay. The amount and its value is large and bold in ioPay, but the current token price and ‘Staked’ amount are tiny in comparison. Suggest improving this

-Add ‘Tutorials’ Tab: This would be where you have videos or instructions for how to do certain things (Stake/Unstake, ioTube Conversions, DApp Permissions, etc.). Videos are the strongest form of content for new users trying to figure something out.

-Remove Social Media: I believe this is just a vulnerability for ioPay and is not necessary (risk outweighs reward). I doubt many people are going to ioPay to receive their IoTeX Twitter news, anyway. They’re going directly to Twitter itself or the internet, not ioPay to receive news. Unneccesary risk for future hacking in my opinion.

-Transfer Bucket Feature: This feature needs an added security step in my opinion. Stake-Locked buckets can be transferred between wallets without delay or 2FA. This is very scary when thinking about potential wallet hacks. I agree that there is importance in being able to transfer buckets from wallet to wallet, but there should be an added layer of security, in my opinion.

-ioPay Logo: New logo needs some professionalism in my opinion. The IoTeX logo is fierce, cool, dynamic. The ioPay logo looks childish and like it can’t be taken seriously… I get vibes from ‘The Flintstones’ cartoon show.


Yes i agree on “news” tap its should be removed and replaced some other category like “help”

In Help tap
*tutorial for basic action
*support link for official mail id
And also we can add important Notification on help itself.


I would like to see ioPay adopt more secure spam free communication portal within ioPay wallet, it would entice people to download use the wallet for Iotex communications and investment.

Also include a one stop shop for NFTs working on the Iotex ecosystem, projects have links to their communication portals (whether it be telegram or discord or twitter). This would stop the confusion around the MFI NFT’s price speculation across different projects.

Updates can be posted in the forum or the investor communication stream.

Iotex to the moon


I like the news tab though because I don’t have any social media like Twitter. How about we compromise and keep the news tab but add a “help” section?.


The only major issue I have had with the multi-chain wallet is with not being able to add wrapped polygon. After using ioTube the system gives you wrapped (WMATIC), but even after manually entering in the correct contract address to add the token to your polygon wallet it still does not show up in the wallet. I know the wallet address still has the tokens because you can see them when you look up the wallet address on polygon scan, but the IoPay polygon wallet doesn’t seem to support WMATIC.


One more:

-Suggest Making Wallet Address Private in Discreet Mode

If you click the ‘eye’ icon to go into Discreet Mode, it hides all balances but still displays the wallet address (first & last digits). Suggesting/Requesting that this information is also able to be hidden, especially for people making screenshot videos for tutorials, etc.



No social media accounts are necessary to receive news. Web browsers all share tweets and updates, as well. Too many compromises happen through social media bots, etc. to where it’s not worth the risk, in my opinion.

One of my daily routines is: Google: “IoTeX” → (News tab) → ‘Past Day’ filter


I get what you mean but I didn’t know there was a difference between clicking on a link to a hijacked Twitter account and navigating Google to a hijacked Twitter account. I just like the convenience of having the news in one place as I really don’t want to spend my time hopping around Google in search of news I may not even find.


Maybe they can implement a way to post the news but without the ability to actually tap on any link exposing people to something possibly malicious


Great idea, maybe a read-only type view without any live links.

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Hi Will, Kenneth and Gopi,

All this feedback is great. I agree with a lot of what is being said here. Some of it has already been forwarded to dev!

Keep it coming!



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I had a problem with pending transactions that were stuck on Ethereum and wanted to cancel them but I guess the option to send a transaction with the same nonce isn’t available on iopay? Long story short I had to jump back and forth between metamask and iopay. Basically I liked the way they had that option to either try to speed up a transaction or cancel it. I’m not sure if that method is the same as sending a transaction to yourself with the same nonce?.. Sorry for the long comment just some thoughts I had

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Some feature request:
*(1)separate address address list or address book based on the network.this will reduce sending amount to wrong network deposit

*(2) give us portfolio viewer(networth) tap. Like debank.com. this will increase the adoption of iopay since everyone is looking to view there holding in one wallet.

*(3) and also just show dapps based on the network. This will reduce noises while select and interact with dapps.

*(4) while giving notification kindly avoid sending url with that. And also kindly use notification only for any important message. This will prevent user to not put mute in app setting.

Please gopi I want a better way of navigating the NFT’S.

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Any example would like to tell?

Would be good to be able to see all NFT’s.