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Ivy market

NFT Marketplace

Ivy Market is an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that enables you to create, collect, bid, and trade your digital assets while unlocking unique additional benefits.

Probably one of the most secure trading platforms, we enable every Web3 user to create, sell and buy their NFTs simply and smoothly.

Ivy Market will start to integrate IoTex mainnet in late August, and complete it before September.

  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 15 days
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Users can buy and sell NFTs using IOTX
      At least 200 users use lvy market in IoTex,and promote IOTEX on social media
    • Funds request (USD): 3,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:
    • Ivy Market will organize an event for celebrating the integration:
      1.Create a collection of co-branded NFT with IoTex, 200 NFT in total and each price will be $10.
      2.Set up a staking pool, users who staked the co-branded NFT at least 45 days can share totally $5,000 rewards, including the revenue of the co-branded NFT.
      3.The rewards will be distributed slowly by staking which is a better way to attract more users to buy NFTs, and also a better way to maintain the users.

Total funds requested

[ 3000 USD ]

About your Team

[ We are a project incubated by the ONTO community]


[Ivy Market is an NFT Marketplace which aims to provide extra benefits to users and projects. Ivy Market is looking forward to integrate IoTex to develop the ecosystem and community with IoTex together.]



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