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[Token & NFT Launchpad —— Ecosystem Infrastructure of Brand-new ERC-5528/721R Protocol]

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  1. Introduction: The world-first ERC-5528/721R protocol empowered web3.0 launchpad platform.

  2. Core Features:
    (1) The underlying technical protocol support anti-break and anti-dilution functions from tech basis;
    (2) Reaching out to over 3MM Japanese and South-korean crypto traders and GameFi players only at NebulaVerse;
    (3) Gamification utilization tools for customer-side traffic fission (inc. but not limited to mini-games, airdrop leaderboards & daily check-in, and raffle);
    (4) Well-known IPs and Incubated Projects (LVMH derivative metaverse games and Digiway, etc.) and incubation projects (Sphyx World and Overhound, etc.) are going to initially be issued on NebulaVerse;
    (5) Token investment ROL is predictable by utilizing the NebulaVerse ecosystem mechanisms, like buyback & burning bot, portfolio asset investment, exponential user increment, underlying technology guarantee (of) and endorsement by leading institutions, etc.)

  3. The Core Value and Future of the Platform:
    (1) About the Underlying Tech Basis - the ERC-5528/721R protocol: it has been committed to realizing the functions of custody contracts that prevent price breakage and price-drop from the technical level, and empower major launchers (first market), CEX/DEX platform (secondary market alert through API detection of currency prices, oracles to retrieve CMC, Chainlink and other platform data to achieve break warning and anti-dilution custody contract execution). Up to now, on the basis of leading investment by first-tier investment VCs such as Huobi Ventures, Neo Chain, Sequoia Capital and Polygon DAO, it has technically achieved strategic cooperation and product docking with AVAX, Gate.io, Polygon/Matic, BSC, Moonbeam, Iotex, Bitkeep and TP.
    (2) User Fission Tools: through sticky tools (WebGamePedia: a 4399-integrated small game group and daily check-in), fission tools (ranking list, daily check-in, crowdfunding minigame) and feedback tools (DHS: diamond hand snapshot counter-depreciation holding program, Reflection portfolio asset investment, Buyback&Burn Mechanism and bot, NFT/Blue-chip whitelist airdrop, etc.) to resolve the pain points that other Launchpads lack on the customer base side.
    (3) Price Surge: ERC-5528/721R protocol is technically guaranting the economic interoperability of various sectors and products in the ecosystem that can improve the underlying value of the token price. User fission tools also provide a long-term benign capacity expansion that leads to the Price Surge.
    (4) Partners and Credit Endorsers: long-term credit is guaranteed on the basis of the protocol API, core business resources of the team, and the A+ VC institutions/platforms.

  4. We hope to get support from IoTeX media, community and brand and we can give IoTeX community users with our governance token ($NBL) airdrop and branding out the ERC-5528/721R protocol with joint effort. Besides, we can also bring in tremendous Japanese and South-korean local communities (inclused but not limited to soramisu, KudasaiJP, Altava Group, TBA, YGG JP, etc.) to expand the user base to target this niche but unsatisfied market to bind with IoTeX in a thorough and comprehensive way through NebulaVerse platform and our local team. Before being officially deployed on IoTeX, NebulaVerse will accept and support IOTX as a main currency asset for users to participate in all kinds of front-end launchpad minigames and derivative functions. Users can further use either IOTX or NBL to gain more token airdrops and minigame tickets during the beta-launching period (approximately from mid-to-late Nov. till early Feb.).


[ Split your project into milestones: each one must have its own verifiable deliverables]

  • Milestone 1: Launching Smart Contract (as well as ERC-5528/721R compatibility smart contract) Depolyed on IoTeX

    • Duration (weeks): 1-1.5 week
      • Funds request (USD): 6,000USD
    • Metrics: 1000-5000 active monthly users, esp. with Japanese and South-korean users.
  • Milestone 2: Co-branding of ERC-5528/721R along with Our Other Investors and Local Partners

    • Duration (weeks): 3-4 weeks
      • Funds request (USD): 4,000USD
    • Metrics: more than 20,000-50,000 MAU on NebulaVerse Platform and switch to IoTeX by initiating the Minigame/Airdrop/Investment Functions.

Total funds requested

[ 10,000 USD ]

About your Team

1)Team Background
a. Charisan (CEO): https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-nakashima-b6988822a/
graduated from Waseda University, base in Tokyo. Sponsor of leading Japanese and Korean projects (including but not limited to Clean Carbon, Altava and Genso Online, etc.), in charge of market operation and event operation. Now he is the CEO of NebulaVerse and an individual well-known Japanese Web3 KOL
b. Kiyo (Marketing Lead): Master degree from The University of Tokyo, based in Japan, with over ten years of crypto investment and team management experience. Founder & core builder of alpha community KudasaiJP, ex-COO of Stark DeFi and Wierd Nomad Club CMO, now as the chief marketing director of NebulaVerse;
c. Anders (Tech Advisor): graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a master degree, base in Hong Kong, has more than 10 years of experience in web3.0 technology research and development fields; the initiator and team leader of the ERC-5528/ERC-721R protocol led invested by Neo Chain, Huobi Venture and Polygon DAO. Now as the Realitize CEO & NebulaVerse chief tech advisor;
d. Darren (Initiator & Advisor): master degree, graduated from King’s College of London, base in Singapore. A professional investor with over 10-year experience in the digital asset field and traditional web2 investment. Sphynx World’s Sponsor. Currently as the CEO of NebulaVerse;
e. Fitch (COO): graduated from King’s College of London with a master’s degree, base in Hong Kong, has more than 5 years of experience in real-time bidding advertising. Core memember of SNW.AI, UPRETS and NFT Bazaar’s senior brand director. Now as the NebulaVerse COO;
f. Griffith (CBO): master degree, graduated from Imperial College London, base in Singapore. He is a professional digital artist with more than ten years of experience in digital art painting and rendering design. Original artist of Sphynx World and core builder of Geek Cartel DAO. Now he is the CBO of NebulaVerse;
g. Billblender Scrolls (CTO): PhD degree, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, based in Singapore, with more than 20 years of experience in website and game development. Director of the Farm Planet’s indie game development. Currently as the development consultant of NebulaVerse and the head of an anonymous VR/AR studio.

  1. Key cases:
    a. SNW.AI (leading pure web3.0 SocialFi platform): link3.to/snw
    b. Realtize (head digital asset technology tool platform): realtize.io
    c. Altava (the only local fashion web3 label launched in Japan): altavagroup | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree
    d. Farm Planet (native 3D P2E GameFi) https://farmplanet.io/
    Other incubation and principal projects can be discussed in detail through business meetings.


[If applicable, please provide the number of users/transactions you expect your product to bring to the IoTeX ecosystem]
20,000-50,000 + (specifically high-quality Japanese and South-korean Users)


Pitch Deck/BP: DocSend
Website (testnet): nebulaverse.io

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