[Seeking-feedback] Orochi on-chain custody - A Touchpoint with multi-chain

Proposal details

Project Name

Orochi Wallet, Orochi đRNG

Project Type

IoTeX Ecosystem Integrate

Proposal Description

Orochi Network: We target to be the multi-chain DECENTRALIZED COMPUTER which provide: computation, randomness, network communication… that allowed every game with server-less liked approach.

We’ve our NFT card game to implement 3 first components includes: the oracle, RNG and the gaming wallet

  • Partnership with IOTeX

We would like to explore grant and collaboration with IoTeX in terms of the following

  • Building bridge with IoTeX for Duelist King NFTs and game assets

  • Integrating IoTeX in our multi-chain wallet for NFT and game assets

  • Running community activities, bounties and incentives for game feedback, scholarship for micro-guilds in South East Asia and South America to try the game

  • Our community:
    Over 100k audiences accross Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Youtube: DuelistKingNFT | Twitter, Facebook | Linktree
    Partnership with over 20 big and micro gaming guilds in SEA, 40+ NFT platforms, NFT marketplaces,
    crypto KOLs and communities in SEA

Why should we receive the grant?

  • Solid team with aggregate almost 30 years of experiences in blockchain development, community building, design, market entry and cryptography

  • 500,000 NFTs sold out prior to game launch with 11,000 NFT holders

  • 40+ community partners, investors and KOLs with focus in SEA and Asia plus official support from Polygon, Fantom and Cronos (by crypto.com)

  • Product with Public Alpha ready for testing with 25K registrants and 500K NFTs sold out with unique gameplay of using cards and rolling dice to offer luck-based excitement in the game

  • In-house card distribution infrastructure with self-developed commit scheme and oracle that allows verifiable and randomized distribution on blockchain

  • The DAO governing model is to be implemented in 2023 tentatively to engage stakeholders of the game i.e gamers, designers, creators, investors to participate in decision making of the game play and design


[ Split your project into milestones: each one must have its own verifiable deliverables]

  • Milestone 1:

    • Duration (months): 3 months
    • Deliverables: Alpha version ready in mid-May 2022
    • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:

    • Duration (months): 3 months
    • Deliverables: closed Beta version ready in end of Aug 2022
    • Funds request: 30,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:

    • Duration (months): 3 months
    • Deliverables: Beta version ready in end of Nov 2022
    • Funds request: 50,000 USD

Total funds requested

[ 100,000 USD ]

About your Team

Dzung Tran - CEO & Founder: chiro-hiro (Chiro Hiro) · GitHub
Dzung (Chiro Hiro) was the R&D Engineer of Cardano Labo Vietnam/Infinity Blockchain Labs, one of the first and leading blockchain startups in Vietnam. He is also the former Solution Architecture at HexTrust, a custodian firm based in Hong Kong with 6 years of experience in security, blockchain technology. Dzung has been involved with a variety of world-class research projects on tokenization, Random Number Generator. He has a strong passion for cryptography, decentralization and permissionless applications.

Mary Tran - CGO, Co-founder: Mary Tran - ZKP Labs Viet Nam | LinkedIn
Mary hold 7 years+ experience in Blockchain and Crypto market. She has been through Binance as SEA marketing, event lead and country lead. Former OKEx operation manager, event and partnership lead of Cardano Labs. Co-founder of BTA crypto media which producing and managing crypto KOLs for Vietnam market.
Owner of the Decentralized Gaming Alliance focus in South Asia
She hosted the first blockchain ‘Hackathon’ ever with over 400 participants, 20 final teams, incubated top 5 with Hashed ventures.
She was the host of Asia Blockchain Education Program, which co-organized by CARDANO Labs and HCMC University of Technology in Vietnam when she was in Infinity Blockchain Labs since 2015.

Nicole Nguyen - CMO, Co-founder: Nicole Nguyen - Founder - Vietnam Fintech Summit | LinkedIn
In her previous role as Head of Asia-Pacific for Asia Blockchain Review and Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Nicole was entrusted to leverage her industry insights and extensive network to develop the blockchain and emerging tech startup ecosystem in Vietnam and help transform the country into the leading blockchain hub in the region. Nicole has been the key organizer behind a series of community outreach initiatives in Vietnam including the first Vietnam Blockchain Hackathon, the first mass scale conference Vietnam Blockchain Week for 2,500 audience and ENIGMA - a blockchain business contest. She is also a co-author of the first Vietnam Blockchain Landscape Report and other landscape reports for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. She was interviewed by Forbes, the Business Times Singapore and South China Morning Post as a blockchain thought leader.

Nicole was the spokesperson for the company at over 50 local and international conferences including - World Bank/IFC event themed Blockchain transforms Global Supply Chain and Trade Finances, Blockshow Asia 2018 and a TEDx blockchain speaker. She has over 10 years of experience in managing operations and projects in MNCs, international donors, NGOs and startups.

Nam Nguyen - Product Designer & Co-founder:
Nam has 7 years of experiences in design, UX/UI and product development through his tenure at numerous multinational companies and industry powerhousers such as NEC Corporation, Infinity Blockchain Labs, VinID and Binance - the largest crypto exchange in the world. He has been engaged with various roles in the blockchain space for the last 4 years.


Base case: 79,250 users/year1 - 7,925,000 users/year5
Worst case: 52,833 users/year1 - 4,750,000 users/year5
(This is base on the number of only 1 game - we take Duelist King as a showcase; currently Duelist King have 25,000 players for the Alpha version released in March 17)


Orochi’s website: https://orochi.network/

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We like your project, and now we are more cared about what kind of games you will find in the early stage as the first choice for your wallet.And you need to refine your milestones, the number of games and the number of users. Feel free to contact me.

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Hi Grizzly, thanks for your interest, though.
For the time being, we’re in talks with a few leading gamefi projects in Vietnam. While Duelist King is a mid-core game aimed at general players rather than crypto users. We also speaking with a few others who are interested in using the on-chain custody and the doracle as well; they are in the categories of “pvp racing,” “card game,” and, of course, “Axie’s clones”.

So yes, we’ll need to refine the milestones, the timeline above was shortened. Since Randomess and Oracle are in high demand, whereas Chainlink and other providers are becoming prohibitively expensive.