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Pozzle Planet

Project Type

New Dapp

##Proposal Description
Pozzle Planet is an “Impact to Earn’’ mobile first app being developed for web3.

We strive to make the world a better place and for this we have designed a social app where you can incentivize the participants to contribute through positive impacts every day and get rewarded.

Living sustainably as an individual today is difficult and unrewarding for most people. That’s why we’re creating Pozzle Planet, a fun and inspiring way to make a positive impact in your everyday life.

Earn POZ by joining and sharing planet positive actions with your friends via short-form video.

On the outside, a social app where people generate impact by sharing videos and earning rewards. Underneath the hood, an impact-Protocol and ReFi yield generator that passively farms people’s impact into NFTs called Pozzles that contain impact tokens (Impact2) which represent measurable impact units from the real world. - In Pozzle Planet, Staking POZ = Impact².

The Pozzle Planet mobile app sits at the intersection of 3 main growth trends in social, p2e gaming and DeFi, uniquely positioned as the first impact-2-earn social platform with tailwinds from increased individual and collective aspirations to be part of planet positive solutions.

Our token POZ is engineered for longevity, mainstream adoption and sustainable growth, through a tokenomic system with four core pillars; Proof Of Impact, Community Rewards based on Stake-To-Impact, Mainstream Utility, and Upwards Price Regulation.

We launched (testflight/firebase) mobile in Alpha v1.0 a month ago (28.08.2022) shipping to v.1.9 (07/10) with 250 test users, onboarding in waves from our +4K Discord community.

The Initial +30 days of launch have shown clear signs of engagement and retention ; +1,200 actions/pozzles have been added, +25% of downloads converted to Daily Active Users, and +70% of initial downloads were active in the last 7 days (data 07/09.2022).

##Alpha Features v1.8:
(1) Create or Connect Wallet - Onboarding

(2) User Profile/Passport - Details about users activity.

(3) For You Feed - Discover and view video activities

(4) Record - Start or join video activities to add Pozzles

(5) Community Validation - POZ reward base rate based on community validation

(6) POZ Pledging - Boost rewards for others

(7) POZ Rewards - Earn by doing activities

(8) POZ Pouch - In-app wallet for managing POZ and transaction story

Apart from the app launch we have received a grant from Toucan Protocol to integrate NCT tokens into our system, launched an Omnichain NFT collection Pozzlenauts (600+ holders) with in app utility and token vest, developed a new web page with staking and bonding apps ready for launch, and build +15 partnerships for cross promotion.

We are looking to accelerate development to launch on App Store and Google Play ultimo Q4 2022.

With this project grant we will add velocity to our app and protocol development to bring our mobile app and protocol from Alpha II to 2 Beta I, and launch on IoTex, readying the project for a public launch within 3 months.

Use of funds: Contract 4 FTE devs for 8 weeks including 2x FTE on front-end mobile-app, and 2xFTE on protocol development, and migration of existing protocol work from Polygon.

##Milestone 1:
Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
Mobile features + contracts:

  • Earth 3D (front-end)
  • Video Validation & Proof of Impact (back-end)
  • POZ Staking (protocol)
  • POZ Mining (protocol)
  • Bonding App Web (protocol)
  • 2K Users
    Funds request: 34.000 USD

##Milestone 2:
Duration (weeks): 4 weeks

  • Pozzleverse 3D (front-end)
  • FundPOZ (front-end)
  • Auto-Mod & User-Cooldown Mgt (back-end)
  • FastPOZ/Mobile-app POZ (protocol)
  • SendPOZ (Protocol)
  • Staking App (protocol)
  • Community IPY% Rewards app (protocol)
  • Launch on IoTex (protocol)
  • 5K Users
    Funds request: 34.000 USD

Total funds requested

**Grant funding of $68K is allocated to bringing in 4 of our most valuable developers to full-time commitment for 8 weeks.

Please checkmark the following if you agree

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  • We commit to open source the project: [ YES | NO | Other - please specify ]
  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ YES | NO ]
  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [ YES | NO | N/A ] N/A

About your Team

LadyPozzle, Cofounder , AeroSpace engineer, +10 experience with value engineering, product development and commercialization as C-suite in a public company in the renewable energy sector LadyPozzle (Jo Maher) - CEO & Co-Founder - Pozzle Planet | LinkedIn

Amit Saini, Cofounder, Software Engineer, +10 years experience as full stack dev and DevOps Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/amitsainiau/

Thomas Bisballe, Cofounder, Sociologist, +10 years of experience in research, business development and entrepreneurship in the climate/sustainability space, https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasbisballe/

Jeff Archer, Creative Director & Head of Design, +3 years experience as product dev design/UX/UI https://jettarcher.com/

Xulian , Head of Treasury, economist, +5 years experience as a crypto analyst working with various DeFi projects and investor communities https://twitter.com/KingJulianIAm, https://medium.com/@Xulian0x

@Spirit, Head of Strategy & Ecosystem, Mathematician, +4 years experience working in Defi and crypto as an analysts and token engineer, (anon)

Smart Ninja, Lead Protocol , +7 years working as a software developer in the blockchain space: DevSCNinja (Smart Ninja) · GitHub

João Lourenço, Lead Front-End, +10 experience as front-end mobile app developer https://www.linkedin.com/in/joaolourencopereira/

+Additional team of 8 part-time (+10h week) developers, adding sizable IP and hours to the core work streams of the project based on vested token payments.


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Video demo:

Purple Paper:





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