[SeekingFeedback] Lunargistics : An IOTEX Deployed Space Corporation

Proposal details

Lunargistics is requesting directive funds and support to specifically develop out the inclusion of all IOTEX products.

Project Name

Lunargistics Corp.

Project Type

Continued IOTEX development

Proposal Description

We’d really like developer help or financial incentive to hire a dev in specifically including all IOTEX products into our ecosystem / focus dev on inserting Lunargistics into the IOTEX ecosystem of products.


[ Split your project into milestones: each one must have its own verifiable deliverables]

  • Milestone 1: Hire a dev specifically for IOTEX
    • Duration (weeks): 1 year
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified):
    • integration of lunargistics into existing iotex products
    • integration of iotex products into lunargistics ecosystem
    • Funds request (USD): 120,000 USD for a year of pay
  • Milestone 2:
    • create educational materials
    • developer documents
    • funds request (USD): 24,000 USD for 3 months of pay for documenter , 12,000 USD for 2 months of pay for designer

Total funds requested

156,000 USD

About your Team

  • Executives
    • Founder & CEO - Logan has been working as a developer in crypto since early 2010, with 6 years previous working in ios apps
    • Founder & Chief Scientist - Vishak has missioned rocketry experience with missions to orbit and the moon
    • Managing Director and CFO - Taiba has been working in corporate fund accounting for over a decade handling billions of dollars in transactions
    • CTO - John May has an advanced maths degree and is a global hackathon winner building in blockchain for 5 years.
    • VP Rideshare - Trevor Smith has worked at Paypal, Facebook, and MotorCode developing algorithms.
    • VP of AI- Jack Sweeney built his own bots for flight and launch trackinf at 17 and continues to build neural nets
    • VP of Cloud - Damir has over 10 years building on AWS and other backends
    • Senior Front End - Danjiel has 5 years in front end blockchain devlopment


There are over 15000 active satellites in tbe sky today. We aim to onboard 20-30% of them and continue onboarding new satellites every quarter at a 4.2% growth yoy.
Every satellite makes thousands of transactions daily providing Positiin, Navigation, and Timing information to ground control.


Sign in with IOPay : https://suite.lunargistics.io

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What does the community think???


I like in general/principle but there isn’t really much mention of vision or description of intended objectives other than “integrate”… we want $156,000 to hire a person… to do what? Create a website not from the 90s?

Talking of website… “We offer customized blockchain solutions for your company with a focus on those in space. Our team uses an array of different technologies to meet your unique needs. We can create anything from traditional blockchain solutions and supple chain to DeFi, NFTs, or a Metaverse.”

Your current team can “create anything”, with different technologies (excluding IoTex I assume) but not integrate with IoTeX?

“We aim to onboard 20-30%” of 15,000 satellites… How?


Thanks for your question.
We are currently working on a new website.
I appreciate your feedback as yes, our former designer was more apt to traditional informational sites for government affairs.

Our team currently is stretched between building our business efforts that do not incoude blockchain, and focusing on each chain that we are currently deployed to.

Hiring a developer specifically to focus on machinefi would allow us to have dedicated response time to the efforts IOTEX is engaging in. This would mean if we encountered blockers that occur due to IOTEX we can have the dev directly commit toward those blockers rather than shelving the development the moment we hit them.

As for onboarding the current and future satellites there is a lot of documentation that is currently analog that we can make more accessible in web3 and systems that we can better by leveraging machinefi. We have a partner that can retrofit satellites with modules such as the pebble, ucam, etc if necessary to give them more life longer.

I hope this answered your questions and i welcome anybody else’s questions.


We all aim to see Iotex ecosystem to go to the moon and beyond.
I’m sorry but
This doesn’t seem like a well designed grant request to me.
I agree with @enyaps, projects that request a community grant should be well specified about what are the deliverables and milestones should be based on the deliverables not on what you want to do with the money (which is good to know, but not sufficient to get the money).

I mean, the deliverables are supposed to be verifiable: how can one verify “Integration of lunargistics into existing IoTeX products”? You should say how many products, what they are, how the integration is supposed to work? Then we can tell if you did the work or not :wink:
More importantly, how every deliverable is going to benefit the IoTeX ecosystem (with numbers)?