[Seekingfeedback] MemeFlate $MFLATE IoTex Grant Proposal

Proposal details

Project Name

MemeFlate $MFLATE Ltd

Project Type

Digital and local freelance services, NFTs, Gaming, PI (passive income), social-FI. Dapps

Proposal Description

This proposal explains the project, its vision and migration plans via milestones

The part Decentralized MemeFlate2.0 platform is essentially a freelance marketplace for digital and local services. The marketplace acts as a medium, offering Freelancers, buyers and visitors a unique experience that is designed to gain more user interaction whilst browsing and open the world to mass adoption of payments made in cryptocurrencies with a diverse eco-system of token with relatable utilities for the everyday person.

The MemeFlate project, all though heavily developed on the BSC network lacks the support from the network itself in assisting develop smaller projects such as MemeFlate. By building and completing the project on the IoTex network MemeFlate would gain, support, much needed resources, and a chance to network with relevant projects, platforms and communities.

Short history

The MemeFlate Project has existed for over 16 months and has built the foundation of what it believes to be a top prospect project and a little different from the average tech company. MemeFlate has accomplished a lot with little resources and funding. Funding has mainly been provided by the project owner and will continue to be until a breakthrough is made.

IoTex X MemeFlate2.0 Marketplace corporation strategies

MemeFlate believes working along side IoTex to integrate the IoTex token, IoTex wallet and products such as the pebble and Ucam should be explored in greater detail by both parties here are some of the reason below

MemeFlate2.0 Marketplace can, offer, market and promote the selling of products/goods through its website by setting up a sellers profile, IoTex can use the platform to selling its products such as the Pebble and Ucam devices to browsers/users of memeflate.io

MemeFlate offers an online Crypto wallet (CoinsPayment) allowing freelancers and service providers to be paid in different cryptocurrencies, this links well with IoTex vision to connect the everyday person to cryptocurrencies in a more relatable way thus providing the IoTex wallet.
MemeFlate would like to explore freelancers/buyers receiving/making payments in IoTex tokens through the IoTex wallet and a stable coin MemeFlate will later create.

Future Plans

MemeFlate and its ecosystem would like to provide freelancers away to earn a little bit extra and a stable way of receiving cryptocurrncies as a payment method, by eliminating the need for the platform to charge any commission to its users unlike its competitors and create the first ‘Freelancer Stable Coin’ backed by multi fiat currencies always maintaining its face value (USDT BUSD ect) the marketplace will stand out as a diverse freelance platform. MemeFlate aims to make this stable innovative by creating a swap aggregator that allows a buyer/user of the platform to trade in any crypto currency, and in return receive the freelance stable coin, this coin is then used to pay freelancers who can then decide to trade it in for other crypto/fiat currencies or stake the coin to receive competitive APR%, gifts and access stable coin related products. With the expansion of the marketplace, it would hope to secure substantial partnerships with reputable organization to back the platform thus giving freelance more ways to save/earn/ reason to use the platform and use their stable coins cross the open market. (This stable coin should be able to be purchased by using Debit card, PayPal and the swap)

Listed of current project tokens and Dapps MemeFlate would like to migrate to establish its ecosystem for passive income and utilities on the IoTex network

BSC Tokens

MemeFlate $MFLATE (Native Token) - DeFi - Holder Tax voting - 7,200 holders

$MFlateable $MTF (Second Token) - BNB & $MFlate Rewards - Auto liquidity - Adjustable Tax - 765 Holders

DirtLife_TM (NFT-Staking Reward Token) - 0 tax - Claim From staking NFTs - GameFi - Auto Liquidity

DirtLife (trade marked) - ’ I Do Dirt ’ NFTs (MemeFlates NFT collection) - integrated with XP.Network cross chain bridge.


stake.memeflate.io ($MFT Staking)

mint.dirtlifenfts.com (NFTs)

jackpot.memeflate.io ($MFLATE jackpot) - Chainlink VRF

vote.memeflate.io ($MFLATE Tax Voting)

NFT-Staking - Smart contract - Chainlink Keepers = ready - frontend = Under development

Web 3 Games

DirtLife Roulette smart contract with Chainlink vrf v2 = Ready - Frontend = under development

MemeFlate will release a minimum of 5 casino and 2D games over a 1 year time span.


Milestone 1 — Smart Contract(s) migration & Backend Testing

Number Deliverable Specification
1 Smart Contracts We will migrate current smart contracts $MFLATE, $MFT and DirtLife_TM, their utilities and upgrade where nesscearry to comply with the IoTeX standards, these smart contracts have functionalities such as: Auto Staking/ Manuel Staking/ Rewards/De-Fi/NFT/NFT-Staking/Game-Fi/Social-Fi/Burn and in later development, a stable coin for freelancers to receive as the main form of payment.
2 Testing The code will have proper test coverage to ensure functionality and fix any bugs.
3 Backend & Tutoriels MemeFlates Smart contracts will act the backend for projects Dapps, providing maintenance, adjustable dapp functionality, updates to source codes, in addition to this we will provide full tutorials on all project Dapps .
  • Funds request: $4,000 USD

Milestone 2 - Frontend Dapps and Testing

Number Deliverable Specification
1 Frontend MemeFlate will rebuild all project Dapps to a high standard using the most up to date technologies, MemeFlate will also provide both inline documentation of the codes/basic tutorials that exhibit can interact with the deployed smart contracts and backend services.
2 Dapp Testing MemeFlate Dapps The code will have proper test coverage to ensure functionality and fix any bugs. All documentation explaining tests will be provided.
3 Backend source codes stored for maintenance and upkeep.
  • Funds request: $7,000 USD

Milestone 3 Mainnet Deployment and Testing

Number Deliverable Specification
1 Deployment MemeFlate will deploy all smart contracts to the IoTex network mainnet.
2 Dapp Testing Test deployed Dapps on the mainnet for functionality and execution.
3 Backend source codes stored for maintenance and upkeep.
  • Funds request: $2,500 USD

Milestone 4

Number Deliverable Specification
1 ‘Freelancer stable coin’ innovation concept, IoTex token/Wallet, IoTex products, MemeFlate along with IoTex will start to look at the development of the ‘Freelancer stable coin’ and swap aggregator explained in ‘long term plans’ and the huge benefits it can bring to MemeFlate, IoTex and freelancers. In this phase we will also take a deeper look into IoTex cooperation strategies and selling of products
  • Funds request: TBD (to be discussed)

Total funds requested

£13,500 USD estimated

Please checkmark the following if you agree

Although these options are not mandatory, please consider committing to them for the greater benefit of the IoTeX ecosystem.

  • We commit to open source the project: YES

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: YES

  • We commit to donate 0.3% of $MFT to the IoTeX Foundation: YES

About your Team

The MemeFlate team currently comprises of the CEO/Team leader, 1 solidity/react developer and a small community of investors.

Roche dixon (CEO)

Has over 6 years in managing his own catering company and within running his own business has gain a plethora of skills and knowledge to aid the project in its developments, these skills include: App and Web Design, Graphic Design, Customer Services, People Management, Marketing, Booking keeping, and Networking. He has also contributed the most to the project in terms of finances, projects ecosystem and over all structure and direction.

Mark the Dev

Started working as the projects first and only solidity smart contract developer and has assisted the project greatly. Mark has over 2 years experience in TypeScript/react.js/next.js/node.js and truffle and has built a long lists of project tokens, web3 Dapps and games.

Team Code Repos

Team LinkedIn Profiles


The MemeFlate brand has acquired just under 8,000 investors and website visited by many around the world.

**Examples **


Website: https://memeflate.io

Website: https://dirtlifenfts.com

Twitter: x.com

Twitter: x.com

Instagram: Memeflate (@memeflate2.0) • Instagram photos and videos

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @memeflatereloaded

Medium: $MFlateable MemeFlate – Medium

Article: Memeflate Announces a Non-Traditional Marketplace for Freelancers

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Sounds pretty interesting I hope the project gets the exposure and support it’s looking forward I have been a follower along time and would like to see it’s success


Thanks for submitting the IoTex halo grant application, we are reviewing it


Perfect, thank you very much.


I wanna see this project successful hope for the best #memeflate community :dart::white_check_mark::v:


it’s great project, have been in the market from long time. Keep BUIDLING.
Hopefully it gets the exposure that it deserves.


Pleasure working along side you all this time! :handshake:


Day one supporter!! great use case!! :star_struck:


Welcome onboard the Iotex ecosystem, I for one look forward to your development and the growth of both projects growing exponentially.


Thank you! We look forward to it, given the chance!


Hoping for great future for memeflate already more than 16 months in crypto market of this project one of the early investers :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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