TOTW #1: Meet the Community! 🌎

Hello, IoTeX community! We are happy to present to you the first Thread of the Week #1: Meet the Community! :earth_americas:

Post in this thread and tell the IoTeX community about yourself:

:white_small_square: Your name/nickname
:white_small_square: Where are you from/live
:white_small_square: What you do (e.g., developer, business, student)
:white_small_square: How did you hear about IoTeX?
:white_small_square: One fun fact or anything else you would like to share!

Make sure to include your Telegram ID in your post so we can add you to the weekly Scoreboard combined with IoTrivia & contact you if you are a winner.

:pushpin: A new TOTW will start every Monday at midnight PST
:moneybag: Rewards (Lucky Draw): 10 winners will receive 2,500 IOTX EACH

Please only post your “Meet the Community” reply once! But feel free to comment & reply to posts from other community members. :handshake:


I guess I’ll go first :slight_smile: – my name is Larry Pang, and I’m proud to part of this amazing IoTeX community!

Born in Los Angeles :arrow_right: college at MIT in Boston :arrow_right: consulting in NYC :arrow_right: now live in San Francisco.

My full-time job is Head of Business Development at IoTeX, but in another life I would have been a professional landscape photographer :camera_flash:

I heard about IoTeX from my friend, who was an early investor. After meeting the amazing team, the rest is history :heart_eyes:

Finally, a fun fact about myself is that I was captain of the MIT Varsity Tennis team, but I like playing golf much more :golfing_man:

Telegram ID: @Larry_IoTeX


My name is Andika Sudarya and i just newbie trader and im happy to be here :slight_smile:

:ballot_box_with_check:Im from indonesia and living in indonesia :smiley:
:ballot_box_with_check:My full time job is mechanical engineering in one vehicle company in Indonesia

I heard about IoTeX since febuary 2019 in my telegram group and after i find out more about IoTeX I am very interested with concept of iotex

Fun fact about me , I hate red chart! Hahah :sweat_smile:

Telegram ID : @Akulaku13346





关于我的有趣事实… 我几乎每天会吃苹果:喜悦:



I’m Jokers! :sunglasses: I live on the 3d planet from the sun of our solar system — the Earth. :innocent: I’m working with texts, with symbols, with people. :writing_hand: First I learned about IoTeX on AltcoinsTalks forum. I liked the idea of the project and was keen to know more. :yum:

And here is the flower that blooms now at my house. :white_flower:


Telegram… @bez_nicka





Telegram id: @FantasyGameMaker


Hi my name Rani Ramadhani
I born and live Indonesia
Im a student :sweat_smile:

I hear IoTeX in 2019 and im so happy to be part of amazing community🙏

A fun fact about me I love music,im interesting in Crypto, i hate scammer :slight_smile::crossed_fingers:

Telegram ID : @Raaneey


My name is Adejumo Adekunle (tadex). I live in Osogbo, Nigeria. An MSc holder from OAU Ile-Ife and MBA from Lautech, Ogbomoso. Social Media Campaigner and Marketer, Crypto trader among others. Presently, an ambassador with Iotex. I heard about Iotex on Coingecko telegram group. My telegram ID is @tadex01


Hi guys! My name is Alina. I was born in Ukraine > raised in Canada > and for the past 2 years, I have been a Global Citizen & working for a Global Project - IoTeX! :star_struck: I help to manage IoTeX’s Global Community, marketing initiatives and communicate the innovations the project is working on and why everyone should know about it & join its ecosystem!

I heard about IoTeX back in early 2017 from my bf and I liked the project, its team & vision so much that I immediately applied for a job and joined the team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fun fact: I always liked to sign but never went for it…So this summer I decided to take some singing classes {turned out I was good :joy: } and recorded a song at a professional studio for my wedding as a gift for :man_in_tuxedo:

TG ID: Alina_IoTeX


Am Sangosansaya Mayowa, my nick name is livingseed. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Am living and working in Osogbo. Bsc from Unilorin, a PGDE Holder, also An MBA Holder. Presently, working as a college Teacher :writing_hand:, lover of crypto and a trader. I heard about Iotex from a friend, Iotex has a unique project which am admiring and proud of :+1:. Telegram Id: @SangosanyaM


hi my name is Chaz , live in America , blockchain supporter . heard about IOTEX thru crypto twitter or bitcointalk , been following project for awhile now almost from beginning . . believe IoTex is a strong project , with a strong team behind it .
telegram: @chazlupo


Hello ,:stuck_out_tongue:
my name is Chamara :sri_lanka: , and I’m proud to join with amazing IoTeX community!
I am from Sri Lanka :sri_lanka:

my self

After completing and passed the A/L examination in 2015 I joined the faculty of engineering in south eastern university of Sri Lanka .a government university in Sri Lanka . I choose civil engineering for further studies . This is the BSc degree . Graduation ends in 2020. :man_student:

I have been working in the crypto currency industry almost 3 years and have supported ICO projects on various occasions already supporting IEO project. I am also an experienced graphic designer working with Photoshop and illustrator software in 3 years.:man_office_worker::earth_asia::trophy::camera_flash:

I heard about IoTex from twitter and joined your telegram community :copyright::ok::heartbeat:

i would like like to support to you for in this region . i love your project.:blue_heart::muscle::facepunch:
thank you,:pray::point_down:
My telegram username : @engchamara


I am altcoin_maximalist and live in Germany. In early 2018 I was infected by the Bitcoin hype.
Starting 2017 would have been better, since then I’m waiting for the next big Bullrun :money_mouth_face:

I deal with the visions of the ever increasing blockchain projects in the Kryptosapce.
The capabilities of Blockchain technology are limitless and will enhance nearly all our areas of life.
Currently, people always have to trust a centralized, often monopolized entity.
This often leads to conflicts of interest and consequently to abuse. Blockchain has the potential to solve the problems if we decide.
I can only recommend it to everyone, be your own bank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was the first time I heard of Iotex when XYO announced its partnership with Iotex.
Since then I am one of the few people in Germany, pay more attention to IoTeX than IOTA :sunglasses:

The potential of IoTeX is great and the hard work of all contributing individuals is driving the project forward at insane speed. Blockchain, IoT and Supply Chain solutions will be the next big challenge after DeFi. That’s why I believe in a great future for Iotex.

Telegram ID: @altcoin_maximalist


Hello everyone! :laughing:

I’m Heslei from Brazil :brazil: and my nickname on TG has been Le Oliveira; It’s really nice talking to you here :wave:

I started to study Mechanical Engineer :books: but I stopped for a while since I wanted to focus on the cryptocurrency scenario and I’ve been doing that since late 2017. I helped some projects by doing translations :memo: and few marketing campaigns which activities played an important role for me to apply for being an IoTeX Brand Ambassador - position proudly held since early this year. :trophy:

I’ve run into IoTeX for the first time when I randomly saw its Intro Video on YouTube :computer: after which I started to make a deep-dive search for more info about the project.

An interesting fact about me would be my passion for practicing sports like (obviously) soccer :soccer:, table tennis :ping_pong: and volleyball :volleyball: - yeah, even though I’m not so tall to do that… anyways, all of them are quite popular around here so… this is me :joy:

TG ID: @Quesho89


Hello IoTeX fam,
My name is Ahmad Chomaesi
I was born in Temanggung City, Indonesia
I currently living far from my hometown to get a job, but still in Indonesia :slight_smile:
I’m a full time worker, did you know? my works is making an Ice Cream :ice_cream:
Thanks to Coingecko for introduce me with a strong and loving IoTeX project
At 24 y.o I just became a Father, He’s a boy!, 'm thankful he was born healthy. please show some love :heart: for my new Son :slight_smile:

TG ID : @strept0



My name Chokri AlGhanmi
I’m from (living) Tunisia

I do blogging, online marketing & i trade crypto occasionally (in reality I’m an XRP hoDler :blush:)
I discovered IoTex in the beginning of 2019 (on Twitter)
and I’m proud to be a part of the IoTex community :ok_hand:

Telegram: @Shukri29


My name is Joe Goodman.

I’m from Zaragoza, Spain: “Zaragoza” is the spanish derivation of a Roman City named “Cesar Augusta” (if you think on that, the sound is slightly similar)

I’m a computer scientist consultant, specialized in Strategic ITC consultancy, Cibersecurity, Complex systems design, Business Use Cases Design.

I heard about IoTex over internet. I’m an ocassional crypto investor since 2017, and I invested on IoTA on that year, so I was prone to analize Cryptos in the IOT arena. Quickly I realized Iotex potential.

I’m very rationalist, but for that reason I’m very interested in simple little strange facts, with difficult explanations, that one can found on their life. I have a pair of them to share. One of the most strage one is the following (totally true):

My wife is a premature twin. When she was studing Art History at the university, one day she wake up with an strong and unexplained pain on her thumb. Nothing seemed to explain it, so she decided to go to a doctor. But he doesn’t found anything wrong. At midday, she call to the small village where her mother and twin sister lived, at around a hundred kilometers far. “My thumb hurts me” … “which hand?” her mother asked … “the right one”, she said. “Well, don’t worry” her mother told, “your sister right thumb finger got caught this morning with the cars door, and its broken”. Casuality? whos never knows! Life is just plenty of wonderful things!

Food for your brain:


Your name/nickname: Raullen
Where are you from/live: crypto land
What you do: IoTeX cofounder
How did you hear about IoTeX: I cofounded IoTeX with @qevan @cbetasun
One fun fact or anything else you would like to share: I like to think about three basic questions that countless ppl thought before - “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” – I consider them as the driving force for the evolvement of human society. I believe in prehistoric civilizations (there might be prehistoric blockchains, fyi); many civilizations must have tried many things before and we should do better.


Hello, I am Qevan, CoFounder of IoTeX.

Fun fact:
I love mountain climbing (besides working). The mountains in my completed list:

  1. Mt Haba - 5,396m
  2. Mt Kinabalu - 4,095m
  3. Mt Whitney - 4,421m

telegram: @qevanguo


Hi my name tothemoon just call me han
I born and live in south korea
I am a businessman and concern about blockchain alot

I hear IoTeX in 2019 and im so happy to be part of amazing community

A fun fact about me I like music, im interesting in Crypto, i hate Bitcoin moving keke

Telegram ID : @Angels0716