TOTW №4: What do you expect from IoTeX in 2020?

Hello, IoTeX community! :innocent:

Recently we posted a recap of IoTeX’s achievements and progress in 2019, which you can read below:

And shortly after, we shared with the community our plans for 2020, check it out, if you haven’t already:

For this thread of the week, we would like to ask our community the things that you are most excited about in 2020! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the project’s development, vision, products and more :wink:

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The only thing I expect from Iotex is that the team continues to work on the project as devotedly as before. It is incredible what Iotex has developed in such a short time. At this point I applaud the great team behind Iotex :clap: :clap: :clap:

I personally hope that Iotex will be available on hardware wallets this year. I would also be happy if IOTX is listed on Coinbase. The last thing that comes to mind is a tracking device that combines Iotex technology with XYO technology :star_struck: I don’t know if such a product is planned in the future, but that would be my absolute dream :partying_face: I leave everything else to the great team of Iotex.

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What excite me about iotex2020 is the creation of a diverse comunity around Iotex :fist_right: :fist_left:. The technology, great ; impresive uses cases; superb ideas around the project; excelence on leadership. But what will make iotex great will be the people: You, me, us, an heterogeneous ecosistem of developers, supporters, investors, thinkers, manufacters, business man, and everybody willing to deposit his hopes in this appealing project. What is called “network effect”, which attracts cryptolovers so much, is simply the union of inquisitive minds around an exciting challenge.
In a more cocrete terrain I am interested in discovering, from the hand of Iotex, what a multilayer blockchain approach (Layer1 / Layesr2) can contribute to the architecture of powerful blockchain solutions, where each chain adds features to the existing ones, and where third party solutions or chains are easily integrated.
Go Iotex!

(Iotex, inverse chart)


In the new year I expect from IoTeX the release of the coolest hardwares!
For example, Avoboard I have been waiting since the beginning of summer last year! Therefore, all the products that the project announced at the end of last year are very expected by the community!

I also expect many new large partnerships that will bring many cool solutions for implementing the IoTeX network and introducing it into everyday life for consumers.



IoTeX 2019做的很棒,对于2020我唯一的期望是团队可以不忘初心,砥砺前行。#构建可信物联网#

我个人比较期待的是,Ucam在国内预售的话会买一台(或者用 VITA 换一台 :joy: )。新体验、新心情。 :heart_eyes:



I expect iotex to develop in 2020. First of all, this concerns the development of a decentralized ecosystem of the project. I believe that the early followers of the iotex project are able to develop this ecosystem. But development requires maximum and effective attraction of new followers: developers, businessmen, and users. I believe in the success of the iotex project in 2020!


As for the published articles, I am very curious to see how the stake-at-rest idea would be realized. It is a very new and prospective conception and I expect new opportunities for IoTeX from using it. :gift:

As for the year expectations, I think, that main thing is real life usage of the IoTeX technologies — like Ucam. And I hope to see many new realized ideas and also new partners and interested parties which would use IoTeX technologies for the implementation of their ideas and projects. :oncoming_bus: :kick_scooter: :rocket: :radio: :headphones: :iphone:

Integration of the project into the real world can bring both strengthening of IoTeX itself and new opportunities for technology development in the world. :world_map:

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In the year 2020, I see Iotex threading the path of practical technological innovation and advancement. :telescope: The past years work of Iotex on her powered iotex devices and products :iphone: :computer: :video_camera: :movie_camera: :fire_engine: :skateboard: becoming reality by finding their ways into the marketing, for individual, private and government establishment consumption. I see a thick population growth in Iotex community due to more acceptability by society and evidently proof of her capabilities. :family_man_woman_girl: :man_student: :woman_student: :man_factory_worker: :woman_factory_worker: :policeman: :female_detective:

Having lay a strong foundation in the past years, Iotex will be building more on the previous works in order to achieve her short, medium and partly of her long term goals. Also venturing more into the areas of development and advances in the new technologies in order to ever remaining relevant in her choosing field of the Internet Trusted of Things. :telescope: There will be more awareness this year on blockchain, Iot and privacy due to standard to be set by Iotex which will lead to a widely acceptability, more exposure and familiarization by common man to the Internet trusted of Things. :globe_with_meridians: :world_map: :100:

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Happy New Year everyone!
In the new year, I expect a big leap in the price, since the token deserves it because the team does really important things that are focused on the future of the Internet of things!
Therefore, this year a big increase in the price of the token should happen and the whole crypto world will know about the IoTeX project at the level of bitcoin!


Am expecting a lots from Iotex this year, among which are: perfection and complete development of the Beta Mainnet to enable its full functionality such as staking and voting with native Iotx tokens, migration of Iotx tokens to its blockchain, building and accommodating of other tokens on Iotex blockchain. :grinning: :raised_hands: :smile:
People will build more confidence in Iotex by virtue of fully integration into her blockchain, as a result of this, more community members will stake and vote more with their Iotex tokens, also Iotx will be used for various activities in order to derived maximum utility and benefits. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Iotex powered products coming in into the market this year will be embraced by the people, because privacy and security of data are not negotiable by any right thinking individuals and corporate organizations. This will have a positive impact on iotx token in term of value. Long time incubating ideas of Iotex team will be unveiled this year because I forsee an increase in more resources to work with. Wish all the best of the year. Happy new year.

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The vision of IoTex for 2020 is quite impressive,
What I expect from IoTex this year is stake-to-vote and stake-to-rest using native token, because I have been meaning to stake and vote but to swap from native token to erc20 have been hard, so I have been sitting tight waiting for iopay upgrade that allow staking with native token

Also, I expect exhibitions of Powered by IoTex products; it is good knowing that this expectation has kick off in CES2020 where Ucam was exhibited and won the CES innovation awards. :clap: :laughing: :confetti_ball: Congrats IoTex . So expecting to see more products.
Nevertheless, Solidifying the foundation of IoTT is right on point.



Xin Xin: Looking at the existing application landscape, we are still far from our vision, as we need to find a way to connect all these applications silos that exist. Blockchain technology is a good candidate since it can remove the untrusted intermediaries and bring something new and realize the ultimate goal for the IoT.

I expect to team a find a way to connect all existing application repositories in order to get a little closer to the final vision of the IoTeX project (which Dr. Fan spoke about in this AMA)

I also hope that our first partner - Lineable, at this difficult time managed to raise funds to create his blockchain.
And if you fail, then our team will help them launch their product on us blockchain =)))

But most importantly, in 2020, I would like to see the adoption of design of WAGE - a 259-bit lightweight permutation based on the Welch-Gong transform that has an efficient hardware implementation for authenticated encryption with associated data while providing sufficient security margins
Referred to in this AMA



To whom much is given, much is expected. IoTeX has continued to show leadership in blockchain IoT space since its inception in just two years, I have no doubt 2020 will not be an exception. However, I’m very very excited that hopefully, my secret plan to relocate to the USA in other to tryout or buy all powered by IoTeX amazing goods will be disrupted this year 2020 :star_struck:

Otherwise, I’m very excited for blockchain in general for having made it into the second decade, which simply means, the “freedom tool” we’re enthusiastic about is here to stay.

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I look forward to the real implementation and use of various devices Powered by IoTeX. Without a doubt, it will take some time to test IoTeX technologies in the real world. However, I think it is safe to say that the potential of IoTeX will be revealed even more this year, and the technologies of the project will become the basis for many devices from the field of security and privacy. And of course, I would like to see an increase in the IoTeX community.



Besides the natural usage of hardwares :computer: developed by IoTeX I think general awareness could bring us to the next level in 2020. People will start to find how valuable the project is because IoTeX combines IoT (a great tech trend) + Blockchain (I think there’s no point in making further comments on this one :rofl:) + Privacy Features (which is ABSOLUTELY needed nowadays :pray: with so many leakings out there).

The first step towards mass adoption/awareness was taken when uCam was presented at CES :rocket:. This is only ONE of several major releases that I’m sure we’re going to see form now on and I really look forward to know how everything will look like by the time people start discovering the ‘magic’ behind IoTeX concept. When will it occur? Later on this year would be a nice surprise :wink:


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As IOTex, We have a product and innovative ideas around us but for taking this forward, We need some good partnerships with some big hardware vendors like Intel, ARM, Qualcomm etc…

This will give more visibility and integrating with them means a lot.

I am looking for more branding of IoTex in Universities and other public places ( Don’t do it only on Blockchain events )

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Thanks a lots for this great privilege to hear my view :clap:

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