Transfering IoTex from Coinbase to Ledger nano x

I want to transfer my IoTex coins off of Coinbase to a private wallet using my Ledger Nano X. I didn’t realize it, but even though Ledger has the IoTex app to download, Ledger live does not support IoTex coins. I understand that Coinbase IoTex coins are ERC20. I don’t want to use IoPay because besides having to covert them, I want a wallet I can also put my other ERC20 coins in. Can I send my IoTex coins to a Ledger Live ETH wallet even though it says it doesn’t support it or will they get lost? Is there a private wallet I can put my IoTex coins in along with all my other ERC20 coins using my Ledger Nano X?

I made that mistake to transfer Iotex coin to Ledger Nano X and now my coins are stuck in IoPay wallet and waiting for support to help me :frowning:

Hello Jim​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

Unfortunately you did the wrong thing and you will need to solve the issue yourself. What you should do is follow this guide

This will show you how to use the bip39 derivation tool to generate your private key from your Ledger recovery phrase. You will need to use the Ethereum coin as the derivation path. Once you recover your Ethereum private key, you can import it into Metamask to access your IOTX-E Tokens