Travel Cat: Step-by-Step Instruction

游戏为二合一养猫的养成休闲游戏,通过不断解锁新猫咪,去到世界各个国家,体验不一样的猫咪风情!祝大家游戏一路愉快! 游戏属于h5的web游戏,只要打开链接并且拥有iopay就能登陆,具体方式如下:

Travel Cat is a new online game by GameFantasy built on the IoTeX blockchain. Explore a dynamic digital world, unlock new levels and challenges, and collect unique cats along the way. Travel Cat is an H5 web game which can be accessed via ioPay. We prepared step-by-step instructions below to get started with Travel Cat. Enjoy the game!

How to play

  1. pc平台
    PC version
    Download ioPay ( on Windows or Mac. Then, you can login to your existing IoTeX account (if any) or create a new account. Make sure to backup and protect your private key!

然后打开游戏链接:Cat’s Around The World,待进度条从左走到右边的时候,如下图:
Click this link: Cat’s Around The World( Once the progress bar moves from left to right, you will see the login page below:

Click the login button. A notification on ioPay will pop up requesting you to sign, as shown below:

If you see the following window on Travel Cat after signing, ioPay failed to be synced. Please click the login button again and retry.

这里我们点击Yes!make action,进行签名登陆。如果签名没有问题则可以进入到游戏里面。大家就可以愉快的玩耍了,游戏内一开始是新手教学关卡:
Next, click <Yes!> and to complete the login process. If there are no issues, you can start playing the game immediately from the first level:


Travel Cat is now available in English, which is very friendly to international players. Chinese and other international languages are not available yet. However, the game only requires basic knowledge of English.

  1. 手机平台
    Mobile version
    手机平台需要在手机iopay里打开链接才能玩,请不要在手机浏览器里直接打开链接,会无法登陆的。 手机iopay下载地址:
    In the ioPay mobile app, click the Travel Cat link in the “Discover” tab to start the game. You must use ioPay to access Travel Cat – you will not be able to log in directly on a mobile browser. Please download ioPay from the link below:

国内GameFantsasy提供的镜像站:iopay mobile
Mirror site provided by GameFantsasy: iopay mobile

官网下载地址:iopay mobile
Offical download address: iopay mobile

Once you have ioPay downloaded, you can create a new IoTeX account or log in to an existing account. Make sure to backup and protect your private keys!

解锁后在下方导航栏点击第三项”发现”,在红框的地方输入我们的游戏域名: 即可进行游戏,大家不久之后还会在蓝框内找到我们的游戏:
Once you are logged in to ioPay, go to the tab via the bottom navigation bar and click the Travel Cat icon to enter the game. If the icon is not showing up, you may enter the following domain in the red box below:


It may take a little time to load the game for the first run, please be patient. Then you will see the following login page:

After clicking login, ioPay will display two pop-up boxes. The first is to authorize your IoTeX address. The second one is to complete login to the Travel Cat game, as shown below:

And then sign:


If you accidentally click , instead of , please cancel your session and restart ioPay. If the above two boxes do not show up or only one of them pops up, please cancel your session and try again. We are patching up some minor known bugs – thank you for your patience!

After completing the steps above, you are all set. Now you explore the Travel Cat world – enjoy!

游戏内可以使用iotx和vita进行充值,获得游戏内的付费道具:小鱼干,鱼干可以用来进行世界聊天,还可以购买大量金币,具体方法如下图,点击左上角红框内的小鱼干位置: (注意一下,手机版跟iopay的弹窗有不同,请用类似方法操作)
In Travel Cat, you can use IOTX and VITA to buy in-game items. Dried Fish can be used in the World Chat and to recharge in-game coins. Click on the Dried Fish icon in the top left corner (see red box below). Please note that the mobile version may appear different below, but operates in a similar fashion.

点击以后弹出来充值界面,可以在红框内输入你要充值的数量,右方下拉列表可以选择是iotx还是vita。目前的比例为1iotx = 1鱼干, 100vita = 1鱼干。未来可能会加入vita跟官方兑换比例保持同步的功能。游戏内可以跟别人进行世界聊天,需要用到1鱼干,还可以购买大量金币!
After you click the Dried Fish icon, a new window will pop up. You can enter the amount of Dried Fish you wish to purchase and choose IOTX or VITA payment options via the drop-down list on the right. Currently, the recharge ratio is 1 IOTX = 1 Dried Fish and 100 VITA = 1 Dried Fish. The recharge ratio with VITA may be adjusted in the future to be aligned with the official IOTX/VITA exchange rate. To have World Chat with other players, you will need to spend 1 dried fish. You can also buy in-game items with Dried Fish!

After entering the amount, click to complete your Dried Fish recharge, which will be completed via ioPay as an on-chain transaction. Below is the recharge page for IOTX and VITA on mobile. The interface on PC will be different, but with the same operations:



After you click “OK”, the transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain in around 10 seconds. After your recharge, the following window will appear and the number of the Dried Fish will be adjusted according to your recharge amount:


Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this first version of Travel Cat! We will be adding new levels and features, stay tuned.

If you have any questions while playing Travel Cat, please contact us via the information below:

WeChat ID: FantasyGame

Also, please upgrade ioPay to the latest version. Thank you!

If you can clear this game,you also can get a special nft token send by gamefantasy.(It’s already finished,reach the cap 200)


Awesome, :wave: seeing IoTeX blockchain blossoming, expanding faster with a lots Dapp programs, activities, games Applications especially the newly launched Travel Cat from gamefantasy. :100: :smiley_cat:

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Can you please fix step 2 in the pc version instructions?

Where it says “Click this link: Cat’s Around The World. Once the progress bar moves from left to right, you will see the login page below:” there is no link to click. I cannot find any way to access the “Discover” tab in the pc version that exists in the mobile version. I don’t believe this functionality exists at all within the pc version.

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already fix.thanks for reporting.

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Congrats on the launch! A very engaging game! Expect NFTs coming soon?

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nft token already online and any one can get it if you clear our game!(it’s finished, reach the cap 200 / 200).

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Hi, I finished Travel Cat.
Could you please send me the NFT?

is travel cat nft over?