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Hi support i need help, the problem is i wanted to transfer my Iotex tokens from Crypto.com to my Ledger Nano X ok, Nano x gived me a receiving address but From Crypto.com sended the tokens to IoPay wallet that i dont have private key for because i dont have IoPay wallet ever and now they are stuck in this address io17ngl9hmvhytevmal9jc80gkcn3fdgz9ruqgr8m, can you help me please ?!

Hello Nikolay​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

Did you send it to ERC-20 address? Ethereum address? What address did you provide as the recipient address if you never installed the ioPay app on your Ledger?

Hi support i was sended the iotex tokens to ledger as Polygon receiving adress because when i clicked it showed me only can receive on Polygon, can i have a chance to get my tokens back can you Support help me ?

Hello Nikolay​ ​,

I think you can recover access to these tokens by following this guide:


You need to start straight from point 1. Don’t read the intro, it does not apply to you.

The only reason we will be following this guide is because you need to import your Ledger recovery seedphrase into a program called bip39 derivation tool as per the instructions. You can perform this task completely offline on a computer with no internet access if you wish, for security reasons. It is just a tool that will calculate your private key based on the seed phrase, and if you follow the guide exactly, you will use the hash algorithm against the derivation path m/44’/60’/0’/0 which will produce the private key. You can then import that private key for your Polygon wallet address into ioPay and you will be able to access your tokens

Note that the derivation path you must use is different than the guide - since in the guide we are showing how to import a IoTeX derived address, but you sent your tokens to a Polygon wallet, so you need to use the Polygon derivation path to generate the correct private key.

There are different derivation paths you might try, best contact Polygon for Support to find out what derivation path you must use to recover your Polygon Ledger wallet private key

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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Jeremi Rynkiewicz

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thanks for now support i’ll try now

but in what bip should be bip44 or bip32 and on coin what coin i should click because cant see Polygon ?

lol cant believe it Support it worked, now im scared to move my tokens anywhere :smile: thank you thank you