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Hey Claire and the IoTeX team! I’m thinking of a project/dApps specific thread where the projects can further sell themselves, additional place for their community to interact/voice out concerns other than their official community channel(s).

Something like Main Topic (dApps) >> Subtopics >> This is where the forum threads will be divided into the specific projects.

At the main page of each sub-thread, there should be pinned threads emphasizing the rules/regulations, reminders, list of admins etc. Mini Admins role can be assigned to verified owners/team members of the projects. They only have authority in that subtopic.

And then we should add tags to indicate whether the projects are still active, cancelled, rugged, caution etc - We will apply this based on real world observation, comments, complains etc

not sure if this is against the decentralization idea tbh though :sweat_smile:


something like reddit :grin:

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sure if this forum is optimised for mobile, seems not to be.

  1. Optimise it for mobile.

  2. Where Iotex requires responses to reach a quota have a red dot next it, so people can see it is important to provide feedback on the issue.

  3. Have a completed thread section, or a green dot to indicate completion.

  4. List all topics in a drop down box or menu bar.

Otherwise it is a great idea, once it is optimised for mobile as I use my iPhone the most.


Working great on my iPhone

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Nice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:this will be great


It would be great to have a clear navigation, like some kind of a forum tree. To be able to easily understand where you are now and how to surf the forum quickly. And maybe add some ranks for the old and active participants.


Optimize it for mobile
There should be an indicator to show when a user is currently active
A section where hot topics will be discussed
And maybe a tipbot for the most engaging users or a badge to show

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The community forum have been a great one to the IoTexians

A meet and digress for the community

Local communities seems to be lagging as the grassroot level constitute majority of the adopters

Any plans on proposals for global adoption especially on specific country regions?


Kindly change the category


working great and no problems at my pc and android mobile


Nice to see day-in and out improvement in IoTeX Community Forum and seeking for community members’ contributions that will bring about great improvement and engagement, it is a sign of progression.

  • There is a need for a high level of activity among members in the community, this can be improved upon by enabling private IMs giving room for members to follow the activity streams of other members, and building personal networks.
  • Member directory can be initiated such that room can be given to members to form groups, discussion lists etc
  • Gamification can be enabled to motivate members to wanted to visit the community forum frequuently so as to make them active via sharing and contributions, rewards, freebies can be given according to level of participation.
  • Weekly events can be reintroduced, it gives room for engagement and awareness of the series of happenings in the community forum by members.

Would be great with New UI x UX

  1. like Show Active User
  2. Weekly Event
  3. Comment section under a post
  4. Trending Topic
    To be able to easily understand where you are And maybe add some Features for the old and active participants or a badge to show

Nice initiative. I hope that the engagement in the IoTex community will grow with this forum. Many people use forums like this to evaluate the size of a project’s community :nerd_face:


Dear team,
i think $Mtgo project should be supported by you The game is so good and we enjoy to play it. But i think they have no fund to make it more people know. It’s definitely the best p2e in iotx chain.

best regards


Hosting a space for ecosystem projects certainly keeps coming up. :mailbox_with_mail: Given the focus of the forums is going to be on the governance of the network, and there’s a lot coming up in that regard, we won’t be opening a space for dApps here in the foreseeable future. Even so, these comments are amazing to keep in mind for an upgrade of our Ecosystem page! And also to recommend projects that apply to Halo Grants to link to their community support spaces. :zap:

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Ahh I see. Thanks for the reply and I believe you guys know what’s best for the forum.

I have staked IOTX but haven’t been getting VITA for a long time.

I’ve asked @IoTeXBot following advice around me, but it just keeps telling me to wait.

Can I ask a question about this here in the forum??

If I could, which section should I ask?