[Accepted]DriveX: A blockchain defined vehicle connectivity protocol

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[ IoTeX / MachineFi ]

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Background and Vision
DriveX Protocol is to connect and tokenize vehicle’s real time data for a wide range of smart city web3 applications, including vehicle health and performance, v2x, and the creation of a web3 HD map for full autonomous driving. DriveX’s dapp dispenses rewards to each contributor for making mobility better for everyone.

DriveX‘s vision is to build the biggest network of mobility data and intelligence on blockchain defined vehicles.
In this proposal, DriveX is creating a dapp and connects a mature device that will work for vehicle owners/drivers/fleet managers, by using the infra of IoTeX. That’s why we’re calling on developers to join us to build a new class of mobility apps using IoTex’s open-source platform. Here is a list of data that DriveX devs can obtain:

Support 100+ in-vehicle ECUs’ data collection for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, construction equipment, RV and vessel such as:

  • GPS data
  • Sensors such as Radar, LiDAR, Camera etc
  • Chasis, Powertrain and Motor data
  • Diagnostic Data including error code
  • Battery data
  • EV charging data

Technical Design:

Advanced architecture

  • Vehicle architecture agnostic

  • Data and network communications hub via cross domain routing for cross protocol routing for superior internal coordination

Powerful computing

  1. High computational power, efficient use of CPUs, for offchain and onchain data

  2. Edge computing for pre-processing data to reduce reliance on connectivity and on chain

  3. Spare computer processing for future software and dapp upgrade (multi-dapp-mining)

  4. Programmable hardware that can be updated via software changes

Enhanced communications

  1. High bandwidth through ethernet ports

  2. OTA networking capabilities

Strong security + safety

  1. Built-in AI hardware security module that supports a wide range of applications for data integrity and system authentication

  2. Can deliver up to ISO26262 ASIL D Functional Safety

  3. Supports data collection & processing from radar, LIDAR, cameras, etc

DriveX will use a in-house Vehicle Connectivity Module VCM-2000 hardware that includes:

Vehicle Network Blockchain Processor

  1. Qual ARM Cortex A-53 cores of up to 1.5GHz for Application processing

  2. Dual ARM Cortex R5 / M7 cores of up to 600MHz for real-time processing with lock-step capability

  3. GPU using MaliTM-400 MP2, multicore 2D/3D acceleration at 667MHz, 1080P resolution graphics, OpenGL ES1.1 & 2.0 and OpenVG 1.0&1.1

  4. 1GB (64-bit) RAM

  5. Up to ISO26262 ASIL B/C/D Functional Safety

  6. Gigabit Ethernet Packet Forwarding

  7. CAN low latency communication

  8. Hardware Security Engine

Wireless modules

  1. Support NA connectivity standards and regulations

  2. 1x 4G LTE, upgradeable to 5G

  3. 1x WiFi transceiver

  4. 1x BLE transceiver

  5. 1x GNSS receiver supporting China & non-China systems

Ethernet – 5 ports

  • 5x 1000Base-T using Rosenberger connectors


  • 8x CAN / CAN-FD

LIN ports

  • 2x LIN

FlexRay ports

  • 2x FlexRay

External Storage

  1. eMMC (32GB)

  2. option for SSD and/or SD Card (Up to 128GB)

  3. LPDDR4 (8GB) Supports ECC and self-refresh

Low Power Mode (Optional)

  1. CAN / FlexRay Wake up sources

  2. Ethernet Wake up sources

  3. RTC Wake Up source

  4. Wireless modules Wake Up Source

Additional Features

  1. Up to 8x GPIO (5V input and output each)

  2. Analog input for sensor connection 0-32V output

  3. Up to 2x 3.5mm stereo input jack (audio input)

  4. Debug ports: JTAG, UART’s

  5. I2C / SPI

  6. Optional GMSL for camera interfaces

  7. Real time clock battery


  1. Build dapps for every blockchain-defined connected vehicle
    DriveX enables a new class of vehicle apps to be built on real-world data. If you have a mobility application or want to expand your car’s functionality, join the DriveX movement.
  2. Query and monetize of vehicle data
    DriveX protocol is a decentralized, open-source tech stack built with IoTeX’s w3bstream. Developers can develop their apps using trusted, authenticated and cryptographically secure data and its proof - and put them on IOTEX-enabled cars in the field.
    Here are a live demo video that DriveX demonstrated on CES 2023 in a IoTeX meetup: Drive X.mp4 - Google Drive

In summary, DriveX will be a first of its kind in the crypto drive2earn world. DriveX is by far the only one that can provide a mature industry level gateway hardware for achieving the above tasks, compared to its competitors such as DIMO. ]


●Milestone 1:
○Duration: 1 Month
○Deliverables: Creation of a PoC using w3bstreaming from IoTeX network in lab environment
■w3bstreaming client docker successfully deployed on DriveX’s ARM core
■w3bstreaming nodes successfully running on DriveX’s cloud service and will be connecting with IOTEX
Funds requested: 5,000 USDT

●Milestone 2:
○Duration: 1 Month
○Deliverables: A proof of concept product demonstration for DriveX’s dapp and in-vehicle hardware working together in real environment.
■Able to mint ERC20 token based on fundamental driving data such as location and distance
■Able to mint ERC1155/721 NFT based on fundamental driving data such as location and distance
■Able to dispense reward token to the drivers wallet
Funds requested: 5,000 USDT

Total funds requested

[ 10,000 USDT ]

Milestone 3:
Duration: 3 Months
Deliverables: Dapp released to public. Vehicle NFT and token minting campaign launched. 100+ vehicles/users onboarding. Go-to-market materials ready for next phase of acquiring 1000-3000 vehicles/users.
Funds request: TBD

About your Team

Brian X (Ex Byton and GoPro, senior director)
Frank R (Blockchain PM, ex L1 tech lead)
Francis P (Hardware dev)
Ted (Full stack dev)
Ruby Q (Ex Byton and Tesla, PM)


A community of 10,000 vehicles would result in up to 3-4 million transactions on IoTeX chain per day.


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Can we get the projects links to social media presence or a website.



Yes fren, social media matrix are being setup now and will be shared here by next week. The first batch of contents will be a live demo video to showcase DriveX running a w3bstream service at its edge side. gonna be exciting!

Dr. DriveX

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Ty mate, love the concept but is this for the everyday driver and retail investor or is this aimed at large organisations?

I ask because I am an everyday driver and weekend traveller, the information that will be provided from your devices is, I feel aimed more so at the transport industry. Where it is used 12-24 hours per day.

Would part-time drivers be able to obtain a downgraded version? For instance, OBD and emissions information so they can track optimum driving conditions to reduce emissions.

Look forward to participating in testing.


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Looking forward to seeing this. What kinds of proofs will this generate? It’s great to hear about things being built using W3bstream.

yes, bro. Will send you the testing link as soon as we are ready.


right now still reviewing IOTX’s tech details. For privacy, Zk shall be a good solution. For composability, still not very clear. But again this is a promising on-going process and please get us posted for your most recent research progress at IOTX


This could be a good partner:

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a good project
Look forward to participating in testing.

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Congratulations on being accepted!