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[ DeFi | Infra & Dev Tools - Native to XRC20 - Created On Iotex Chain ]

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[ IoTeXChart is the first chart platform built on the iotex network in total service to the iotex ecosystem.
IoTeXChart is the genesis chart and portfolio tracking platform for the IoTeX blockchain. IoTeXChart is an open-source chart platform on the IoTeX network. Our goal is to ensure the provision of quality charting tools for the iotex ecosystem.
At IoTeXChart, our vision is of a world where people have the freedom to access, spend, track and manage their crypto assets on the iotex blockchain. As such, we are always keen to foster innovation, creativity, expertise and bring in features that push this vision.
Our product vision is to evolve into a super-app with a native digital wallet and DEX platform that supports the IoTeX ecosystem, one that becomes an ultimate utility in everyday life for everyone on the iotex blockchain. Since the initiation of this project up until now, our community has been our biggest strength!


  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 1 weeks
    • Deliverables: Token contract is created on the native IoTeX blockchain. The contract audit has been conducted by Solidity finance with no notable issues to ensure overall security on our platforms. Charting Demo, Ads Campaign Platform and staking video released for public viewing. Private sale was filled with a 170% subscription rate. Public sale not filled.

Total funds requested

[ No funds is requested]


  • Milestone 2:
  • Duration (weeks): 2 weeks
    • Deliverables:
      Chart platform release is live pending API and SDK access for candlestick charting from MiMo and other 3rd party service providers.
      Important features added to UI/Ux of staking platform as well as farming and pooling dashboards upgrades.
      Advertisements portals are launched.
      New projects can create and list ads for visibility on our platform to ensure the growth of projects on the iotex ecosystem.
      $IoTeXChart token is listed on MiMo Exchange and Coingecko and awaiting listing on Coinmarketcap.

Total funds requested

[ No funds is requested]


  • Milestone 3:
    • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
    • Deliverables : Implementation of wallet connect feature for DEX and portfolio tracking.
      Creation and upgrades of DEX with buy order, sell order limit functionality.
      Also we will integrate a launchpad in which we are looking to merge iotex blockchain with all EVM enabled blockchain (AVAX, ETH, BSC, FANTOM) which will project the face of iotex to other well established blockchains and communities. Expected visits of 1 million users to the chart platform.

Total funds requested

[ We are requesting $200,000 for product development, liquidity pool as well as marketing efforts from the iotex foundation ]


[623 holders

1734 transactions

22,000$ trading volume

15,187$ liquidity


10,000 holders

60,000 transactions

5,000,000$ trading volume

400,000$ liquidity]


[ Website :

Chart Platform :

Twitter :

Telegram : Telegram: Contact @iotxchart

Medium :

Reddit :

YouTube :

Coingecko :]

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This is a good project. I have watched this project from the very first day of launch. The team are swift in responding to community. They have tried put all resources together to push this project. I think granting this request will make the project one of the top project on IoTex Blockchain.


They have always promised and deliver with so much effort put in place to project the face of iotex blockchain as a whole…granting this request will push the project a long way

Once again…thanks iotexchart for bringing this idea to our beloved Iotex blockchain


I think these guys have done fantastic without support from the foundation. Invested a few pennies, I think this one will turn out really great.


Right from the onsent of the IDO to Presale to listing of this project, I have watch it closely and a great team is behind this project. Whatever they said they do it, few days of listing it on mimo it got listed on coingecko. Giving it approval will really make it to standout of the crowd and be known as poocoin on BSC network dextools on Eth network. Kudos.


The team has been very open about their plans, delivered on what they said they would do in the early stages and have maintained good communication.
A good project and a team that has built trust early


Best thing that would happen to the Iotex community is having a project that will show the prices of coins. I believe with the tight support Iotexchart will go places especially with how good the team is.


This Project is a great one , the attention I was given by the team when I had challenges was highly productive. I strongly believe on this project and the great team behind the project.


This is a great project and they have always been faithful from day one


The level of transparency is top-notch. The team and community are ready to see this project grow and progress. Thank you for this great idea.


This project deserves every funding it can get because this is the future of the iotex blockchain because of it’s utility, truly and a very great community behind it.


I so much believe in IOTEXCHART lfg​:fire::partying_face:


This project deserves all the supports. The devs have been working relentlessly and tirelessly to ensure they give us a platform worthy of emulation. They need enough marketing to go main stream. I join the host of others to seek for your uncanny support.


This project deserves all the support


Amazing project. Amazing teams of dev on this. To the moon.


There is always the future. With this the future is here and it is clear


Great project. This project have been doing well so far


Superb…the team keeps inventing and evolving everyday…:thumbsup:

1 Like

My LAMBO project
It one of that best project out there on Iotex blockchain, nice project


They’re doing incredibly well from there first thrust. Your support will go a long waY in helping them