Help with wallet transfer from Coinbase to iopay wallet

I transferred roughly 5000 iotx coin from Coinbase to iopay wallet so that I could stake them. It has not shown up in my wallet after waiting hours. I can see the transaction details. But not sure where it is or how to get them into my wallet. I read some one else’s post and the responses there. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. So this is my hash# 0x52e1b5082c6d46e79b6f18c4346d59c0cf4adf66ba13e7ce694b7067484adb6d

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1 - Coinbase support sucks but does work - have you raised a ticket with them? They are reactive and you may need to chase them - Eth transactions can take a while
2 - [Instructions] Depositing & Withdrawing IOTX with Coinbase - may help in case you missed a step.
Good luck.

After trying to figure out what looks like I sent them to the Ethereum address and not the iotx address. I can pull up the address it was sent to on etherscan and I can see my tokens are there. But I don’t know what to do know and get them back. I’m completely lost. Please help. I’m willing to pay for anyone to help me recover my tokens

I don’t think your tokens are lost at all. They are residing on the Ethereum blockchain in your custody.
I was able to access them by using Metamask wallet and importing from ioPay. Once in Metamask you can use ioTube and mimo to convert and send back to ioPay wallet. Then you can stake them or whatever. As long as you never send tokens to individual address they will be on the Eth blockchain in your custody. They are not lost. zemni posted exactly the procedure.


Thank you so much sir. For your knowledge and taking the time to help a stranger with a problem. I cannot thank you enough.


please provide the details steps and depoist iotex tokens into metamask

Not able to set up pebble with metamsk issue