Official Ledger HW Wallet Thread

IoTeX Ledger App

Ledger Nano S & Nano X hardware wallets now support the IoTeX app for native IOTX operations. In this thread, we share how to get started with IoTeX+Ledger.

IMPORTANT: the account structure of the Ethereum & IoTeX Ledger apps is NOT the same. The native IOTX address (“io…”) in your Ledger app is NOT linked to your current IOTX-E (erc20) address.

Mainnet GA Migration for Ledger Users

Since April, we asked Ledger users to MAP their existing ETH stake/votes to a new IOTX address (where you own the private key) to facilitate Mainnet GA migration. Now that the Ledger app is ready, you can map directly from your ETH Ledger account to your IOTX Ledger account.

  • I did not map yet: choose a native IOTX address to map your stake/votes; you may create a new IoTeX address where you own the private key OR map directly to your IoTeX Ledger account (see “Getting Started” section below).
  • I already mapped: you may keep your existing mapping OR update your mapping to point to your IoTeX Ledger address (see “Getting Started” section below). After Mainnet GA, you can transfer buckets between accounts at any time, so these mappings are not final.
  • I forgot to map: if you do not map before Mainnet GA, don’t worry! We have a service to route your stake/votes and IOTX coins to a new native IOTX address using a signature from your current IOTX-E (erc20) address – coming in June 2020.

For more details, please see the Mainnet GA Migration thread or contact an Admin on Telegram.

From Dev Mode to Full Ledger App

With the latest version of the ioPay desktop app (v0.9.2), you can now access your native IOTX account via Ledger. The IoTeX Ledger app is now available in Dev Mode, which is the final step before the full IoTeX Ledger app. Currently, only transactions (i.e., sending/receiving coins) are available in Dev Mode. The official app with signing/staking operations is expected to launch shortly after Mainnet GA in early June to align with the launch of Native Staking v2.

Getting Started with IoTeX+Ledger

  1. Download Ledger Live, connect your Ledger device, and update your firmware to the latest version. In Ledger Live, click the “Experimental” tab and turn on “Developer Mode”. Then click the “Manager” tab – search for the IoTeX app and install to your Ledger.

  1. Download the ioPay Desktop App for Mac or Windows. When opening the app, you may be prompted “This is an application downloaded from the Internet …” – click Open.

  2. Make sure you quit Ledger Live before proceeding. On your Ledger device, open the IoTeX app. You will see “Pending Ledger Review” – click both buttons on your Ledger to continue.


  1. In the “Unlock your wallet” section of the ioPay app, select “Connect Ledger” and click the “Unlock” button. You are now able to access the IoTeX address of your Ledger app!

Optional: for Mainnet GA migration, you can directly map your existing ETH stake/votes to your IoTeX Ledger address (see below) – you have until June 1 at 8am PDT to map.


For any questions regarding Mainnet GA migration or how to use IoTeX+Ledger, please contact an Admin on Telegram.


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