[SeekingFeedback] Crypto Mainstream Project

Crypto Mainstream Project

Through this project, a No-BS Educational website will be launched which will focus on rapid crypto adoption. Besides, we will start launching successful Web 3.0 versions of tested Web 2.0 versions later on, once we have built a community of at least 100K users. A Detailed list will be shared with the team only! As the initial pledge is for launching an educational website sponsored by IoTeX, I will be focusing on that in this public post.

Project Name

Crypto Mainstream Project

Project Type

YouTube Video, Dev Tutorial Article, Educational content, Other

Proposal Description

There is plenty of educational material about Crypto-related topics. But it’s fragmented. The jargons used by the Devs and Advanced Users are not easy for the newcomers. As a result, the average Joe pivots back to the traditional economy when they come across content that does not make sense to them.

Besides, the wave of DeFi in form of Crypto Farms, the Crypto Farms that pop up everywhere have become alarmingly dangerous grounds to lose fortunes. The same Dev uses anonymous names and cheats the average guy, in the same way, multiple types.

This is going to hurt the Crypto Space in the long run as a user who is deceived and tastes the negative impact, might not return to this space.

The biggest problem is there are fewer talks about Blockchain. The time has come when we, the crypto community, should be moving towards replacing every established Web 2.0 market with a Web 3.0 version.

e.g. UpWork is a Freelance Marketplace. Now, we could launch a Decentralized Freelance Marketplace where payments will be processed via Crypto only and in this case, the native token can be IoTeX. But again, this is not within the initial pledge that I’m asking for. So, we will discuss this with the right team member later.

Crypto Mainstream Project will aim at building a completely Crypto focused economy where all the transactions will take place in Crypto only.

e.g. There are web hosting websites available that take payments via MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and many others. But if we launch a web hosting company we will accept crypto payments only.

All the traffic that we receive will be forwarded to IoTeX and directly benefit the ecosystem in the long run by creating a loyal user base.

Project Timeline - 90 Days

The project will be for 90 days of development commitment.


The initial funding pledge is for launching an educational website with a full-fledged community around it.

  • Milestone 1: $2500 USD to kick off this project

Milestone 2 is only paid if I successfully deliver the deliverables mentioned in the later section of this post.

  • Milestone 2: $2500 USD for further development of 45 days

Total funds requested

Based on the feedback that I have received so far, and laying down the roadmap structure the realistic costs to turn this project into reality have been revised.

[ $5,000 USD ]

About your Team

Currently, it’s me only in the team along with 2 of my friends who I will bring in once I receive the funding. I’m an MA in English Language & Literature. I started freelancing in 2013 via Odesk side by side of completing my BA in English Language & Literature. After completing my MA in 2016 (Exams held in 2017), I started my full-time freelancing career via UpWork. I took my first Crypto-Related job in 2018. It was a project over Heco Chain where I saw the team successfully launch the project. I was fascinated by the ease of using Crypto and I could definitely see it as the future.

Here is the Link to my UpWork Profile: https://www.upwork.com/workwith/ismh


The articles that I post on the website, will be promoted on an ongoing basis through these channels to bring more traffic to the website and then route the traffic relevantly towards IoTeX via embedded call-to-action.

Are we ready to get started?

We are ready to get started once the grant is accepted and the Milestone 1 funds have been released. What the community can expect to see in return for passing the grant?

Deliverables of Milestone 1

The following conditions has to be met within 45 days of getting the Milestone 1 in order to be eligible for the release of Milestone 2

  • Launch a Website (The Domain Name is not revealed yet because I will buy it when the grant is accepted and the first milestone is paid.)
  • Publish at least a set of 50 articles on the website
  • Share Google Analytics and Other Data in the community so that the community gets to see the results.
  • Share data about how many users the project attracted

During these 45 days, I will remain connected with the community to onboard any feedback that the community and the jury (IoTeX Governing Body) might have. Besides, traffic will be forwarded to the IoTeX ecosystem via relatable call-to-actions.

How does this benefit IoTeX?

The barrier to entry in Crypto for the newcomers is tough. My target audience has come across words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and wondering how they can get started safely. Some of them have joined but got drowned in a rug pull farm which has rendered them frustrated.

The main problem with this barrier to entry is the high fees and slow transactions. Although IoTeX doesn’t market itself as a low fee and high throughput platform, these are certainly some of the benefits that I have identified in the past six months or so.

So, by funding this project and helping it to get off the grounds IoTeX is getting lifetime exposure, and considering the success probability, IoTeX can reap the fruit in the long run too! Because the story will always be there that how we got started and most of the people will start their journey to the Blockchain and Crypto space by adopting IoTeX.

Note that I’m not anonymous. I’m willing to do KYC too if the Jury (IoTeX Governing Body) wants.

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Instead of frowning against this project, I would like to ask the community members, to ask me any questions that you might have. I have a clear vision and I see it benefiting the IoTeX community largely. Compared to grants which might burn hundreds of thousands of dollars, wouldn’t it be a great idea to take this small bet?

I’m not anonymous either. Willing to do KYC as well. I ask the community members to collaborate here and help me launch this project into reality.


Will you share video like “How can I create my own coin on IoTeX Blockchain?” I would love to get a content on this.

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Yes! Certainly! Why not?

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@raullen thank you for having a look at it. I’m happy to answer any questions that the community and the team might have. I need the funds to start this amazing journey. On every page of my website, I will have the sponsored by IoTeX link which will bring a new stream of traffic to the IoTeX website.

Wow! I agree with you that the majority of the content out there is either too advanced or too technical. I will go ahead and follow you on your social channels.

Eagerly look forward to reading your content.

Is there any way of submitting a question on which I would love to read content about?


I will definitely take this feedback on board and create a form on the website so that our users can write to us regarding what questions they have and around which topics they would like us to write about.

I recommend you follow us on the social channels via the links I have provided in the forum post. I will keep the community posted.

I’m awaiting grant acceptance to move forward! Thank you for your interest! I look forward to building a community to serve like-minded people like you.

If you have any other questions, you can leave a comment or message me directly via the forum messaging tool. Happy to answer any questions that you might have.

I think we need tutorial for so many projects like iotube (new version) and nft creating and token creating . And iopay (new beta version) and mimo swap and also machinefi portal. And some dapps.


There will be a submit content request section on the website where everybody will be able to submit the topics in which they want content.

If this grant gets accepted, we will focus on the IoTeX ecosystem only and talk about IoTeX.

The biggest advantage I see on IoTeX is the barrier to entry. The average Joe wants to test everything in mainnet instead of testnet. And getting started on IoTeX mainnet is a lot easier!

There are too many advanced and Dev projects that are getting pushed. But I strongly believe a strong educational project like this is required.

Again, thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard! I will keep the community posted about the progress!


@Arwelyrynys if you like this project, could you also vote for this so that the community knows that we believe in this and there is a need for this!

What’s the status of this grant?

Hello , we can talk more about that in Telegram , i will DM my account to you

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Finally, a ray of hope! Finally!

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